Author: André Guedes Vaz

I started slacklining 2012 and was mostly into trickline for around 5 years. Right now, my slackline days are split between rodeo and longline. In 2013, my enthusiasm for slackline led me to open Monkeybiz, the first Portuguese slackline shop, through which i started to work with Slacktivity, Samuel and Tobias, as a customer. In 2019 I decided it was time for new challenges and closed Monkeybiz, but created the All About Slackline Blog as the slackline professional life drift way. Recently after a challenge made by Slacktivity, I could not resist coming back to slackline and took over the international operation. Feel free to reach me if you need any help on the website, or even for a slackline session, in case you are passing by Porto, my hometown.
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Highlining: what is it?

Highlining is a slackline discipline that is practiced at great heights, between mountains, buildings, bridges or whatever. It is a great challenge and a slackline discipline in which the mental game and mindset are far more important than the technical and physical ability. To really know what is highlining you probably have to try to stand […]

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