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Since SLACKTIVITY® offers a wide selection of slackline sets – it might seem hard to decide which one to buy. You can base your choice on your experience and goals on a slackline. You enjoy slacklining in the park as an side activity or you just want to start? The beginner slackline sets, also suited for kids, Minimum, Allround or maybe even Experience are for you! Have you had already some fun on lines up to 15m, but you want to step up your slackline game in the park? Choose the advanced Experience or Expert with the webbing that you like. One of those is the perfect slackline set to buy when you’re not sure yet if you go for trick- or longlining, those sets can be used for both. Or you just like walking, and might want to practice later highlining, the Primitive set is the one for you! The set comes with an HangOver, which can be useful for the future to roll on a highline (PPE certificated). Maybe you love yoga and want to challenge you to try yoga on slackline – the Yoga Slackline kit is what you need for. If You want to buy a slackline set to get 80m or more, the Rope Pulley or the HangOver Pulley Systems are the right choices.

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