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Slackline Projects

Dreamwalkers: On One Inch


We as Slacktivity are partner of highline teamDreamwalkers”. As they are from the Netherlands (more than half of the country is below sea level) highlining is not an easy sport to practice. Therefore these four Dutch guys often travel together to do nice highline projects in Europe. Sometimes they also meet up with Samuel Volery for a project!

The dreamwalkers

In this video the Dreamwalkers, Tom Peek, Yuri Rhodenborgh and Jonas Konijnenberg are documented on a trip by filmcrew Venture Collective. They went to the French alps together with a sick camera; The RED EPIC X. There are two highlines in this video; a 108 meter and 190 meter long highline. The 190 meters is the current Dutch highline record. The highlines are rigged on Slacktivity Marathon webbing.

Passion for highlining

Venture Collective interviewed the Dreamwalkers about their passion for highlining. With a voice over artist, they tried to summary all what they told in the 4 minute video.

Put the video on full screen, turn the volume up and enjoy the video!

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