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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


Can i change or cancel an order after payment ?

After the order is prepared for shipment or shipped it is not possible to cancel. You will have to wait untill you receive it to process a return.

Is it possible to change billing or delivery address of an order ?

If the order have not been sent you can email us to [email protected] and we will process it. However, if the shipment costs are higher we will have to charge the difference.

Can i track my order ?

Yes. After the order is sent you will receive a notification with the tracking code and the carrier’s website link.

Did not receive the order confirmation email. How should i proceed ?

First of all check you should spam box. If it is not there, make sure the payment was processed, by checking your bank or Paypal account. If the payment is confirmed, please contact us to [email protected], and send us the payment proof. We will process your order as soon as possible,

Why do prices vary during the Checkout process?

In some cases prices may vary at checkout compared to the prices displayed on the product or shop pages, due to the correct application of VAT. Orders from outside the European Union are exempt from VAT but, on the contrary, if the order destination is a European Union country, according to the new EU directives for ecommerce, the VAT of the destination country will be applied. The correct VAT application happens during the checkout process when customers enter the correct destination country. The default VAT is 23% once the store is located in Portugal.  Check below how much will be charged according to the order shipping destination.

  • Austria – 20%
  • Belgium – 21%
  • Bulgary – 20%
  • Croatia – 25%
  • Cyprus – 19%
  • Czech Republic – 21%
  • Denmark – 25%
  • Estonia – 20%
  • Finland – 24%
  • Germany – 19%
  • Greece – 24%
  • Hungary – 27%
  • Irland – 23%
  • Italy – 22%
  • Latvia – 21%
  • Lithuania – 21%
  • Luxembourg -17%
  • Malta – 18%
  • Netherlands – 21%
  • Poland – 23%
  • Portugal – 23%
  • Romania – 19%
  • Slovakia – 20%
  • Slovenia – 22%
  • Spain – 21%
  • Sweden – 25%

Purchases to be shipped to countries outside the European Union are exempt from VAT. However, they may be subject to import taxes imposed by the customs authorities of the destination country. The application of import taxes depends on various factors such as the country of destination and the value of the order. Additionally, the customs clearance process may involve a fee, typically charged by shipping carriers like DHL, who offer to handle this service.

It’s important to note that some countries allow individuals to handle the customs clearance process themselves, which means they do not have to pay DHL or any other shipping carrier for that service. The complexity of the customs clearance process may vary depending on the country.

Moreover, in certain cases, it is possible to have a customs official process the customs clearance at a more favorable rate compared to using a shipping carrier like DHL.

My Account

I forgot my password, how can i recover it ?

To recorver your password you just have to click on the Account tab and , after it, click on Forgot Password, insert the email associated with your account and click in reset password. You will receive an email (check on the spam box if you don’t) and just follow the instructions.

How can i delete my account ?

Before anything else, we would be greatfull if you could share with us if there was something in our communication or service that displeased you, regarding campaigns or anything else. That is the best way for us to improve our costumer experience. 
To delete you account email us to [email protected]

Where can i find my receipt ?

If for some reason you can not find it in your account, email us to [email protected] and mention your order number.

How can i see my orders ?

To check your orders you just need to sign in by clicking on the menu Account tab and, after that, click on the Orders tab.

How can i get the up to 25€ chashback with Revolut Pay?

UK and EEA non-Revolut users making a purchase through Revolut Pay (in a merchant from UK or EEA) will be eligible to claim the cashback if they download the app and complete the KYC. Once the purchase is completed, the users will receive emails from Revolut explaining how to redeem the cashback and complete the Revolute account creation.

 Users need to get an email and sign up for the account. After their identity check is done, they should get some funds into their account.
Two criteria:
  1. Do the transaction in RevPay
  2. Within 30 days, the customer downloads the Rev app to create an account and pass KYC.
  1. Checkout with REvolut pay withusing a debit or credit card
  2. Download the Revolut app and create an account in minutes
  3. Your cashback will be added to your account automatically

The cashback is offered by Revolut, not Slacktivity. The offer is only valid if it is displayed on the Revolut Pay button on the checkout page. 

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