Highline Classes

The knowledge in highlining has rapidly developed over the past years. Our instructors are up to date and some even leading the development of the sport. In their highline classes they take the most recent findings into account.

Learn in our highline courses, moslty during summer but not only, how to safely rig a highline and how to take your first steps up high. We promise, that you will spend some unforgettable days.

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Highline Classes include:


To rig your first highline, we clearly recommend to either join some experienced friends or to attend highline classes, courses or workshops. Over the last few years the knowledge on how to rig a highline not only safe but also enjoyable has rapidly increased. In our courses you learn:

Sport Skills

Standing up and walking is the goal of most people who get into highlining. But these skills are only one part of the necessary sport skills. In our highline classes you will also learn:

If you wish, we can even rig a rookie rope that will help you get to your feet more easily. We will give you personal guidance depending on your level and skills and help you to take a step forward. 

Our Highline Classes Instructors

We have 3 Slacktivity athletes giving amazing highline courses. They are all skilled instructors and up-to-date with the most recent developments in the sport. On the links below you can find the details about the dates, costs, location, etc. of the according course.

Slacktivity Slacklines shop highline team

Gaelle Joubert - France

In France, Gaelle Joubert is giving French and English highline workshops together with Chloe Roux. You can find more information here: helloasso.com .The mental game and emotions are an important part of her courses.

Slacktivity Slacklines shop team: lukas irmler

Lukas Irmler - Germany

In Germany, Lukas Irmler teaches highline courses in German, you can register at lukas-irmler.com.

Slacktivity Slacklines shop team: highline classes

Samuel Volery - Switzerland

In Switzerland, Samuel Volery is holding German and English Workshops, find more infos at slacktivity.ch/highline-workshops. These courses mainly focus on rigging and sport abilities, a bit less on emotions and facing fears, even though this will of course also be a small part of the course.

Jonas Kronjinenberg - Netherlands

Even in the Netherlands you can go to highline classes! Jonas Kronjinenberg gives preparation workshops and then takes his students to an indoor highline spot above a boulder gym. Infos at slackned.nl.




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