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Highline Freestyle Tutorials

highline freestyle tutorials

Here you can find many Highline Freestyle tutorials to help you in the learning process.  Even for Slackline Beginners we have prepared a few lessons. Beside each video you find a short description and the difficulty of each trick. Try to aim for a new highline freestyle trick in each highline session and you will become a pro in no time!

Highlining is a potentially dangerous sport. We are not responsible for your activities and decline any responsibility. 

Before we dive into the highline Freestyle tutorials, let’s talk about the rig. To learn the tricks we recommend a highline of 50-85m length. As a main line the pinkTube or LSDTube are a great choice. For additional safety in Highline Freestyle you should always use an Intermittent Connection (physical connection between main line and backup) in your highline rigs!

If you do not have the possibility to join an experienced highliner, then we highly recommend to take a Highline-Course before you start rigging your own lines. Check also some recommendations about how to rig a highline

Easy Tricks for Highline Beginners

Much easier than standing up or walking on a highline. If you are on a highline for the very first time in your life, these tricks will be great to have fun but also to get over your fears of height. 

Difficulty: 1 / 10

Dead-Man Dive

This head forward jump is perfect to get rid of your fears of falling. Additionally you learn to use the bounce of the line to climb your leash more efficiently. 

Difficulty: 1 / 10

Easy Highline Tricks Part 3

Even more really easy tricks that you can try on highlines to understand the dynamics and to slowly get into Highline Freestyle. All the mentioned tricks are clearly easier than standing up. Overall some really fun and playful tricks that you should try 😉

Difficulty: 1 / 10

Line Management in Highline Freestyle

How do I keep the momentum? How do I initiate a rotation around the line? This video contains important basics for beginners and pros. This knowhow can be used for any kind of highline freestyle trick. 

Timing in Highline Freestyle

At what point in the bounce should you initiate a rotation when you want to turn around the line? And if you wanna turn above the line? And what is the best timing to bounce from feet to sit-bounce? Important highline freestyle basics that are very logical and easy to understand. 

Learn the Sofa-Roll

A step-by-step tutorial by Samuel Volery to learn the Sofa-Roll. In this trick you turn once around the slackline in a sitting position. In the first tries you have to overcome your fears. But once you find the right timing, this freestyle trick is actually pretty easy. 

Difficulty: 2 / 10 

Sofa-Bounce Lesson

To get from feet to Sofa-Bounce you should already have a quite solid exposure position on the highline. Overall the Sofa-Bounce is an important basic position to learn tricks like the Sofa-Roll, the Flare or the Panic Roll. 

Difficulty: 3 / 10

Learn the Panic Roll

Alright, we admit that this trick is a bit of a brain fuck. Once you’ve sticked it for the first time though, you won’t ever forget the movement and this trick will feel super flowy. 

Difficulty: 4 / 10

Learn the Flow Flip

This Tutorial by Basti Egger covers the Flow Flip and again the Panic Roll – just in case that you had troubles following the lesson of Samuel Volery above, here is a second chance to hear it with other words. The Flow Flip is similar to the Panic Roll. Also an off-axis rotation that is complex on the first tries but in the end simple to repeat once you understood the movement. 

Difficulty: 4 / 10

The Flare

The Flare is a super flowy transition from sofa bounce to sofa bounce. With this lesson of Samuel Volery you will be able to learn to cruise around your hands with your body. The trick is fun and flow and will clearly give you new possibilities in Highline Freestyle. It is also a great move to get the leash from the left to the right side of the body. 

Difficulty: 5 / 10

Rocket-Mount Tutorial

The Rocket-Mount is a bit similar to a Muscle-Up. Just more spectacular and technically a bit more challenging. At the same time it requires less strength. With these tips of Samuel Volery and some practise you will be able to catapult yourself from a hanging position to feet. Simply an awesome feeling when you manage it for the first time! 

Difficulty: 6 / 10

Reverse Rocket-Mount

The Reverse Rocket-Mount is more difficult version of the Rocket Mount. Instead of simply mounting, you mount with a backflip onto the line. This looks waaaay cooler and is one of the most satisfying tricks to land!

Difficulty: 7 / 10

Learn the Almighty Flip

Maybe the most fun highline trick out there? And clearly one of the most spectacular! You simply flip around the line, by only holding yourself with your toes. Sounds hard? It is not the easiest trick for sure, but with some patience and the right timing, you will for sure get it! Not much strength required to learn it – simply many tries, some stubbornness and a solid exposure bounce. 

Difficulty: 7 / 10


  1. What is Highline Freestyle

    Highline Freestyle is a slackline discipline in which the athlete tries to do different tricks on a highline. Normally a highline of 50-90 meters length is rigged and the slackliner bounces up and down with an amplitude of up to 5 meters. In the highest point of the bounce, the highliner is almost weightless – there it is possible to do spectacular freestyle tricks. The most common webbing for highline freestyle is the “pinkTube” by “Slacktivity”. To know more check our article on Highline Freestyle

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