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Slackline Projects

Exposure “67”: Highline in Switzerland

highline in switzerland

Exposure 67 is a highline project from Slacktivity Slacklines done in 2012. The team rigged a 54 meter highline in Switzerland, on the Kreuzberg. It took 3 days to rig the line. The slackliners are Samuel Volery, Samuel Metzger and Salvatore Daniele.  The two stone towers are 1500 m above the valley, really exposed. The highline was set up between the 6th and 7th tower. That’s why it’s named Exposure 67.

Note from the year 2018: We’ve been using a photo from the video ever since as our emailbanner! And on other note, be amazed by the crazy tension and pulley tensioning back in the days!

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