Highline Shows

Highline shows are the most spectacular that slackline sport has to offer.

At a dizzying height, we will not only balance on the slackline but also show various tricks. This starts with static tricks and ends with breathtaking bounce combinations.

Depending on the organizer’s wishes, we can offer one or more shows. In order to be able to setup the highline, we need fastening points that can withstand a breaking load of 30kN (3 tons). Ideally, the high line should be 20-200 meters long.

Highline Shows, from 10 to 1000 meter high

The minimum height is 10 meters (higher for longer lines) – the maximum height is over 1000 meters. We take all the material for building the highline with us. We always walk our highlines safely secured. Get in touch for an offer.

slackline & highline shows
Zurich Fest Highline Show


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