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How to Trickline: Tips and Tutorials

how to trickline slackline
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You just got it, you are walking a slackline as if it was nothing and you want to ad something to your sessions but you know not, yet, how to trickline. Don’t worry! On this page you’ll find an overview of some trickline tutorials, full of great tips from Samuel Volery, that will make your life a lot easier!

How to Trickline: The Basic Moves


The buttbounce is usually the first bouce for those starting to trickline. It is not difficult but it can be a “pain in the ass”, metaphorically and literally. Checkout some tips to make process easier, safer and more fun.


Once you get a litle confident and solid on the buttbouce, it is time to push forward and face the line, but not exactly, we hope! To make sure that while learning how to trickline, when you move into the chestbounce, you dont fall into classic mistakes ending up being slapped in the face, Sam prepared a nice video, with even greater tips, to help you conquer this trick, that feels great when landed!

How to Trickline: Other Jumpline Tricks

Chestbounce-180° – Mojo – 180º

If you already have a solid chestbounce is time to take a leap of faith and ad a 180º rotation while in the air just to, once again, land on a chest bounce. It is quite easy trick that you can manage with some persistance and a few tips.


Buddha-bounce may seem a litle daring, for the obvious reasons, but if you get it right it is quite easy and harmless. Don’t underestimate it underestimate the calluses that can cause and checkout Sam’s tips.


The Nasty-Chest in one of the most impressive tricks on the early stage of tricklining. Starting from a buttbounce you grab de line when going up to end up on a chestbounce facing the opposite direction. If you want to know how to trickline you will want to ad this trick to your repertoire.

Classic Jumpline-Tricks and Lemur Leaps

Jumping from feet to feet is one the first moves slackliners try when they start to feel confortable on the line. It feels super nice to do it and it’s quite simple if you follow this tips from Jonas.

How to Trickline: Flipping into Stage 2


Doing the first flip on a trickline is a game-changer and if you are looking into how to trickline, we are almost sure that you are looking forward to do it. And there is one thing that we can promise, once you overcome the fear and land the trick you’ll be opening a new world of possibilities.

How to trickline Safely»

Especially in the professional field, this discipline carries the greatest risk of injury compared to all other slackline disciplines. Therefore, a healthy self-assessment of one’s own skill is recommended to avoid injury. Try the tricks that are more difficult or were are you afraid of above mats or on a trickline above water. 

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