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Rodeoline, slackline free of tension

rodeo line slackline
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Rodeoline is a slackline discipline that corresponds to its literal meaning. In rodeoline the slackline (= loose line) has no tension at all.

It is the only slackline discipline where the line is totally loose. Mostly, it is rigged above solid ground. However, it can also be rigged as waterline or highline.

What can you do on a rodeoline?

On the first tries, it seems impossible to balance on this type of line. But if you persist and overcome the first days of frustration, the body will begin to realize what it has to do to stay on top of a zero-tension line. The only tension that the line sees is the one caused by the weight of the slackliner’s body.

After getting used to it, it actually becomes a quite easy kind of line to balance and walk. Contrary to a trickline or longline, it has no shakes of its own and can well be controlled by the slackliner. From the moment we get to mount and balance, almost anything becomes possible. We can just walk and do static tricks or, the funniest part, surf it.

On a rodeoline you have several possibilities. You can simply balance or – with some exercise – start surfing or later even exposure surfing, turning or shoulder surfing. The possibilities are endless.

Note:  In the early phase of rodeolining the falls are very sudden. Usually the first couple of falls catch us off guard and we fall helpless. Begin with caution and, if possible, place mattresses under the line.

How to set up this type of slackline?

Setting up a rodeo is not too demanding as zero tension is applied to the line. Two slingstwo carabiners and the line with some knots are sufficient. If you want to be able to adjust the sag within seconds, you can also add a weblock to the system.

For the height of the rodeoline it is sufficient if the you are hovering only 5-10cm above the ground. Once you feel more comfortable you can still go higher.

Which is the best webbing for a rodeoline Set?

Undoubtedly, the width of rodeo webbings should be 2.5 or 2cm.

The elasticity of the line is clearly a matter of taste. Some people prefer a really static webbing like the Marathon, the Lightning or even Y2K. Others, however, enjoy having some elasticity in the line and chose a pinkTube, redTube or Travel-40. Low-stretch webbings offer the advantage that, with a lot of training, you gain better control over the line. But if you fall onto the line, the fall is not elastic at all and might end up painfully. An elastic line offers more of a longline feeling and feels less shaky. Ideally, try out a few different webbings and find your own favorite rodeo webbing.

Guillaume Fontaine mainly uses the Y2K for his performances

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