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Shipping & Returns

Your expectations regarding the shipment process of your orders are important for us to meet, so we are commited to provide you diferent options at the moment of the purchase. 

The time the delivery will take to arrive and costs associated with it, will vary according to the choosen option.

Orders will be shipped daily and those received on working day untill 12 AM (GTM) will be dispatched in the following working day. The time needed for them to arrive will depend on the shipment option choosen by the costumer in the purchase process. 


– European Union: 1 to 2 days

 UK, Irland and Turkey: 1 to 2 days

– Other Countrys in Europe not mentioned: 2 to 3 days

– United States: 4 business days

– Canada, India and Israel: 3 to 4 days

– Australia: 3 to 10 business days, depending on the are

 Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru, 3 to 4 days

 Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China, Philipines: 3 to 4 days


  • Portugal: 1 day
  • Spain: 2 to 3 days
  • Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Slovenia,  Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and United Kindom: 3 to 4 days
  • Bulgary, Check Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Grece, Irland, Latvia, Lituania, Norway,  Romania, Slovakia, Sweden: 5 to 6 days
NACEX (Portugal and Spain Only):
  • Portugal: 1 to 2 days
  • Spain: 1 to 2 days


  • Orders to the United Kindom are taking much longer than usual due to the Brexit transition.
Note: Delivery times indicated above and in the checkout process are estimates. Although unlikely, deliveries may take longer.

Yes, all the shipment options include a tracking code, but there are diferences.  DHL services, being door to door service, ensures that all the process status is updated in real time. Diferently, CTT in some cases relies on local mail services, in the destination country, and the tracking process may fail or be delayed after the order leaves the Portuguese territory.

You have 30 days to exchange or return a product purchased on 

However, the product must be in perfect condition, meaning:

  • Unused;
  • The original box must be undamaged.
In case the reason of the return regards a defective product, the costumer will be compensated for the shipment costs.


To process a return:

  • email our costumer service to [email protected]
  • when the return is received we will proceed with quality control and after it, send the new product or refund.

After we receive the product back, we will proceed with the quality control process and refund the product(s) value by bank transfer, paypal or through a voucher, if desired. This does not include the shipment costs.

– The return has no costs associated when a product is defective. After verifying the product on arrival and confirming it has indeed a defect, we will issue a coupon code to be used on SLACKTIVITY.COM, with a value equal to the shipment costs the costumer had, to send us back the package. The customer must keep and send us the receipt of that shipement. 

Note: The value of the coupon will not, in any case, be higher than the shipment costs charged by SLACKTIVITY on the purchase process, even if the customer payed a higher value.

– When a returned product has no defect or a order is not claimed before customs:

When the returned product has no defect, the costumer will have to handle the returning shipment costs and the portuguese customs release taxes (not applicable inside European Union). Costs that will be subtracted from the total amount to be refunded.

When a customer does not claim and abandon an order stopped at the destination country customs, there may not be a refund

– when an order is not claimed before customs and the value of the product(s) for the seler is less than the returning costs, the order will not be claimed by Slacktivity, will be destroyed by customs and there will be no place for any refund. 

– If the order is returned, the value of the products will be refunded but the shipping costs will not be refunded. Also, costs that may arise from the return process will be subtracted from the total amount to be refunded. 

The shipment costs payed at the moment of the purchase, as well, will not be refunded in any of those situations.

Yes, you can order Slacktivity products having Switzerland as shipment destination, at

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