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HangOver Pulley System

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Introducing the HangOver Pulley System – Your Ultimate Choice for effortless Highline and simple Park Line Tensioning!


Introducing the The HangOver Pulley System – your game-changer for Highline rigging, redefines your slacklining experience with a lightweight and compact design, and user-friendly operation. It is simple and fast to use. And it can be taken out of the system within seconds! You decide if you want to use the 3:1, the 5:1 or the 9:1 – or even the 15:1-pulley – depending on the tension you want to apply. With it, you save 5% on all components and your slacklining game just got a whole lot cooler! 🤘

HangOver Pulley System Key Advantages:

  • Efficiency Redefined: Manage your setup effortlessly, moving the T-Grip with ease and making seamless adjustments. The HangOver Pulley System allows you to slide out half a meter at a time, providing an efficient highline and park line tensioning experience.
  • Feather-Light Design: Designed with your convenience in mind, our system is exceptionally lightweight, making it an ideal companion for your slacklining adventures. Feel the freedom of a high-performance system without the burden of unnecessary weight.
  • Compact and Anchored: Eliminate the need for bulky pulley systems within your setup. This pulley system can be removed from the slackline with ease within seconds. It’s a high-performance system that fits effortlessly into your backpack.

Product Options: Choose the system that suits your needs:

  • Classic HangOvers 2.0: The classical choice with performant ball bearings and no gaps.
  • HangOvers Royal: Fit for royalty – it comes with the same advantages as the Classic HangOver 2.0 but has stainless ball bearings. The perfect choice if you want to slackline near the sea.
  • Mixed (Classic, Royal): A good choice for sporadic use near the sea – for these adventures you can use the Royal HangOver as your standard pulley carabiner and the more price-worthy classic HangOver only for tensioning (rinse the salt water off after each use).

Select your preferred ratio:

  • 9:1 Version: Ideal for nylon slacklines up to 50m in the park and ideal for any highlines up to 500m (weight 812g).
  • 15:1 Version: If you want to rig polyester slacklines longer than 50m or at higher tension in the park, then the 15:1 comes in handy. The 15:1 version is not ideal for any nylon slackline (weight 1239g).

9:1 Version Includes:

  • 3x Hangovers
  • T-Grip
  • Softrigging Plate
  • Chainlock
  • Aluminium Carabiner
  • HCD Sling

15:1 Version Includes (1239g):

  • 5x Hangovers
  • T-Grip
  • 2x Softrigging Plate
  • Chainlock
  • 2x Aluminium Carabiner
  • HCD Sling

Components Overview:

  • Hangover Royal: The best choice for sliding over highlines near the sea or as a pulley carabiner, ensuring rust-free performance.
  • Hangover Classic: The world’s first highline-specific rolling carabiner with PSA certification – A must-have for any highliner and in any low-weight tensioning systems.
  • T-Grip: A webbing grip designed for Hangover Pulley Systems, offering a lightweight design and unparalleled ease of repositioning.
  • HCD Sling: A high-strength and ultra-light sling, a versatile addition that can replace a rigging plate when attached to the seaHorse.
  • Aluminium Carabiner: Fast, efficient rigging is made simple with the easy-opening “snapper” design of our aluminium carabiner.
  • Chainlock: Facilitate easy connections for the HangOver as a multiplier, enhancing your rigging efficiency.
  • Softrigging Plate: SLACKTIVITY’s lightweight rigging plate, weighing only 42 grams, designed specifically for the Hangover Pulley System to tension park lines or highlines.

Elevate your slacklining experience with the Hangover Pulley System – where precision, versatility, and reliability converge for the ultimate slackline adventure! (Note: Soft release components are not included but recommended for optimal performance.)

Did you know that ball bearings of the size as they are used in the HangOver should not be used at forces higher than 1kN? Thanks to the 4 ball bearings on the HangOver, this means, you can load it with up to 4kN without long-term damage. In rolling carabiners that include only 2 ball bearings long-term damage can occur when using them at such forces.

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