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Just WOOWOWOOOOOOOW! That’s how it feels like when you first time walk on a pinkTube. This webbing is the stretchiest and bounciest line available. No matter whether you just want to walk or do crazy tricks, the pinkTube guarantees endless fun.


 isa highline webbingpinkTube: ISA certified slackline tubular webbing

The pinkTube is the highline classic par excellence. This slackline tubular webbing is not only very popular in the highline area but can also be stretched in the park up to 50m as a playful & bouncy longline.

With a weight of 54g/m, this ISA certified highline webbing is super light to carry around and has perfect characteristics.The pinkTube has an extremely high elasticity, making huge bounces possible. Leash falls are extremely gentle thanks to the high stretch. Thanks to these tecnical features, the pinkTube may count itself among the most used highline webbings worldwide. Especially in trick-highlining, it has no rival.

But also in slackline yoga, the soft edges and playful band properties are very appreciated. Thanks to the low weight and minimal packing mass, the pinkTube is easy to transport. Therefore, you should always have 30m to 50m pinkTube in your backpack for slacklining in the park to use every opportunity for slacklining. The pinkTube is available in different lengths from 30m to 200m and in versions A, B, C and X. Versions C and X are unsuitable for park lines and only recommended for use as highlines.

The pinkTube is especially well suited for advanced and professional riders.

Mounting this amazing slackline tubular webbing with the HangOver Pulley

The HangOver-Pulley method is clearly the way to go for highline tensioning. Most highlines are stretched with a 3:1, 5:1 or 9:1 ratio of this method. The pinkTube Slackline is the most stretchable highline webbing on the market. In the park, the tree loops must therefore be attached at a greater height than with less stretchable lines (20-30m length = approx. 2m high / 30-50m length = approx. 2-4m high). The rigging length and fixed point height depends on what you want to do on this slackline tubular webbing, how heavy you are and how many friends help with the rigging. Since SLACKTIVITY always tries to match all slackline products perfectly, it is recommended to use the pinkTube with the seaHorse Weblock. This guarantees maximum efficiency when stretching.


  • Material: Nylon slackline tubular webbing
  • Width: 26mm
  • Stretch:  22.6% at 10kN | 1kN: 1.6% , 2kN:  6.6% , 3kN:  10.6% , 4kN:  13.3% , 5kN:  15.4%
  • ISA Highline Webbing Strength Class: C
  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) – Batch 2020: 25.6kN
  • MBS main loop (batch 2020): 23.1kN
  • MBS backup loop (batch 2020): 16.0kN
  • MBS T-Loop (Batch 2020): 13.6kN
  • MBS X-Connection (Batch 2020): 12.9kN
  • Weight: 54g / m

For your information: The breaking values ​​listed here differ from those in the operating instructions. The MBS values ​​actually measured for the corresponding batch are listed here. In the operating instructions, however, the minimum required MBS values ​​so that the ISA certification is granted..

pinkTube’s slackline tubular webbing features

  • Most stretchable highline webbing on the market
  • Round, soft edges
  • Slackline with loops – sewn end loops at both ends for efficient setup
  • Backup-Loop (Version A + B + C), T-Loop (Version B), X-Connection (Version C) for more security

Version A

Has a sewn end loop (main loop) at both ends and an additional backup loop at one end. Attention: Only the main loop may be loaded directly and the backup loop may only be used as a backup (tie-back).

In addition, the 50m, 80m and 100m versions have a T-loop in the middle of the webbing.

Version B

This slackline tubular webbing includes several T-loops at certain intervals (depending on its length).

Advantages of T-Loops

  • They are a slight wind-dampener for slacklines rigged in a park
  • They can be used to connect a backup to the main webbing with a quicklink
  • In case of a storm the backup can impossibly untape, so it prevents the line from going crazy in the wind
  • In the unlikely case of a mainline -failure the backup fall will be much softer compared on a backup-fall with conventional backup
  • The backup type and length can be adapted depending on the project and tension on the line.
  • The backup webbing/rope can be fixed with a knot to the quicklink. Ideally take a narrow webbing or a rope for that as 25mm webbing will make a huge knot.

Tip : The backup is best attached to the T-loops using a knot with 6-8mm QuickLinks. So that the node is as small as possible and so that the leash ring runs smoothly over it. A tape as narrow as possible, e.g. halfMarathon, should be used as a backup. Then tap the T-Loop, QuickLink with knots cleanly to the main line.

Notes: It may be difficult to pull the leash through with small leash rings and large knots with wide webbings. To pull the T-loop through the weblock with the HangOver pulley, an additional improvised pulley system is required. This problem can be avoided by ensuring that there is enough distance between the T-Loop and the weblock when setting up. In principle, it is even possible to pull a T-loop directly through the weblock – but it cannot be ruled out that the area will be slightly damaged in the process.

Instructions and explanations for type B in video form:

Version C

The “Version C” is a double pinkTube that is directly sewn together with bartack connections.

Advantages of Bartack Connections:

  • The backup is always connected to the main line.
  • In case of a storm the backup can impossibly untape, so it prevents the line from going crazy in the wind
  • In the unlikely case of a mainline – failure the backup fall will be much softer compared on a backup-fall with conventional backup
  • The leash rings can easily pass on the connection sewing of this double slackline tubular webbing
  • You won’t ever forget anymore to take a backup to your highline session

Notes: Pulling the backup does not allow it to unwind from the main line along the entire length of the line. The two webbings tend to tangle if handled carelessly. Therefore, after each session, “feed” the double pinkTube tape into a haulbag and do not take it over your shoulders. An additional improvised pulley system is required to pull the Bartack connections with the HangOver pulley through the weblock. This problem can be avoided by ensuring that there is enough distance between the Bartack connection and the weblock when setting up the line. The length of the backup cannot be adjusted.

There are currently 2 different pinkTubes Type-C available. Please note that the backup length of both versions is dimensioned that it is ideal for surf-bouncing. If putting higher tension the backup would engange.

Type C

This one is the latest pinkTube version and is also ISA certified. The breaking load values ​​are given above in the specifications. This version of the PinkTube C has an end loop at both ends. Multiple pinkTubes-C could be connected in a series if you wish to rig longer highlines. As a connecting element, we recommend 8mm QuickLinks from Maillon Rapide and the use of the Climbing Tool to screw the Quicklinks close.

Weight of the pinkTube slackline tubular webbing

  • 30m pinkTube: 1,62kg
  • 50m pinkTube: 2,7kg
  • 80m pinkTube: 4,32kg
  • 100m pinkTube: 5,40kg
  • 200m pinkTube: 10,80kg

Note on lifespan: PinkTube webbing must be withdrawn from highline use after 180 days of use latest. Days of use are also those days, when the webbing is simply set up, exposed to wind and weather, without anyone walking on the line. A strong loss of color happens by UV radiation. When the pinkTube has almost no color anymore and is becoming really stiff, this is a sign that it is time to stop using the webbing for highlining. Such pinkTube should also not be used for longlining with high forces anymore. We recommend to keep using such webbing for slacklines without any tension, e.g. for rodeolines in the park or in a flat.

Before using this product, the operating instructions (PDF for download) must be observed and understood.

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