redTube – ISA Certified Highline Webbing | 30m – 200m

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The perfect feel-good slackline. The polyamide (= nylon) redTube is the perfect slackline for anyone who likes soft, high-stretch webbing. Version A is certified according safety standard ISA 41.


redTube A – the first ISA certified Highline Webbing

For maximum training effect and playfulness, the RedTube is the perfect feel-good slackline. The Polyamide-Tubular webbing is optimal for everybody who likes soft, stretchy lines. The Tubular design ensures that the line and its edges stay soft at all tensions for the softest, smoothest highline catches.

This webbing is developed to offer the biggest training effect possible in relation to its weight. RedTube for sure is one of the hardest-to-control webbings on the market, some even called the Devils Webbing. The high stretch also allows for big bounces, surfs and other tricks. For efficient rigging, RedTube comes with a sewn loop on two ends and an additional BackupLoop.

redTube A is the first (and only so far) highline webbing on the market that is certified according to the safety standard ISA 41. redTube A applies for the second highest strength class A (30 + kN, sewn loops MBS 24 + kN) therefore the perfect webbing for intense use on a highline festival where high safety reserves are welcome.

RedTube is available in continuous lengths up to 200 meters.

RedTube Version A

The Version A has a normal sewn loop on one end and a sewn loop with a BackupLoop on the other end. The second loop must not be loaded directly but must only be used as a backup loop.

RedTube Version B

The Version B has several T-Loops all over the line. Advantages of the T-Loops:

  • They are a slight wind-dampener for slacklines rigged in a park
  • They can be used to connect a backup to the main webbing with a quicklink
  • In case of a storm the backup can impossibly untape, so it prevents the line from going crazy in the wind
  • In the unlikely case of a mainline -failure the backup fall will be much softer compared on a backup-fall with a conventional backup
  • The backup type and length can be adapted depending on the project and tension on the line.
  • The backup webbing/rope can be fixed with a knot to the quicklink. Ideally, take a narrow webbing or a rope for that as 25mm webbing will make a huge knot.

Further informations of the T-Loops:

  • Big knots with wide webbings can make it difficult to pass with small leash rings
  • The part of the T-Loop cannot be pulled into the weblock with the HangOver-Pulley but must be passed by use of an additional/improvised pulley-system. This problem can be avoided by leaving enough distance after the T-Loop to be pulled into the weblock.


  • Nylon Tubular webbing
  • Round, soft edges
  • Sewn loops on each end + one backup-Loop
  • High-stretch for big bounces and huge surfs
  • Stretch @ 1kN: 1.1%
  • Stretch @ 2kN: 3.1%
  • Stretch @ 3kN: 6.6%
  • Stretch @ 4kN: 9.6%
  • Stretch @ 5kN: 11.6%
  • Stretch @ 10kN: 18.6%
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 36kN
  • EndLoops: MBS: 30kN
  • ISA 41 certified in strength class A
  • Weight: 76g/m

Weight of the webbing

  • 30m redTube: 2.28kg
  • 50m redTube: 3.8kg
  • 80m redTube: 6.08kg
  • 100m redTube: 7.60kg
  • 150m redTube: 11.4kg
  • 200m redTube: 15.2kg

Before using this equipment, you must read and understand all instructions for Use! Check the manual (PDF) on “Product Attachments”

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