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SADU | Slackline YOGA Set

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Sadhu Yoga Slackline Set – Simple, efficient and environmentally conscious. Your companion for yoga on the slackline.

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Sadu | The Simple 9m Slackline YOGA Set

Sadu Slackline Yoga Set is the little sibling of the Slackline Yoga Set | Yuj. It features the same high-quality slackline webbing, pinkTube, but in simple black. This slackline set focuses on simplicity and efficiency, which is achieved by an integrated high-quality stainless steel ratchet.

In the context of this yoga slackline kit, “Sadu” means “purist” or “simple” and emphasizes the advantages of this set, which is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency. This underlines the clear focus on the essentials, which is a clear advantage for yoga practitioners on the slackline.

Simplicity and efficiency: The Sadu set offers you everything you need for your yoga slackline practice, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. With a length of 9 meters, the black slackline band with soft edges enables essential practice and from static to slightly dynamic tricks.

Easy to set up: The Sadu Slackline Yoga Set was developed to allow you to set it up quickly and easily. Thanks to the high-quality INOX ratchet, you can easily adjust the slackline to the desired tension without needing anything else.

VERSATILE AND ACCESSIBLE: Whether you are a beginner to yoga slacklining or an experienced practitioner, this slackline Yoga Set offers you the opportunity to improve your skills and take on new challenges. The clear focus on simplicity and efficiency allows you to fully concentrate on your yoga slackline practice.

High-quality materials: SLACKTIVITY values ​​quality, and the Sadu Slackline Yoga Set is no exception. The stainless steel slackline ratchet included in this set offers maximum safety and durability for your slackline exercises.

The components in detail

Includes length-adjustable SLACKTIVITY tree slings: The set is equipped with two adjustable SLACKTIVITY tree slings, which allow you to attach the slackline to different tree sizes. The advantages of these tree slings are many: They offer maximum protection for the trees, are easy to adjust, and enable precise alignment of the slackline. This not only increases safety but also protects the environment as the trees are not damaged.

Twistlock carabiner for easy and safe use: The Sadu Slackline Yoga Set is equipped with a high-quality twistlock carabiner that makes anchoring your slackline effortless and safe. On one side, the slackline ratchet is hooked into the tree sling with the twistlock carabiner, while on the other side, the tree sling is threaded directly into the sewn end loop of the slackline webbing.

No twists, maximum performance: Unlike two-part slackline sets, where the slackline webbing often twists by 90 degrees, the Sadu set remains perfectly aligned by hooking the end loop directly into the tree sling. This means you can enjoy maximum stability and consistent performance during your exercises without the worry of twisting or imbalance.

Includes a pair of anthracite-colored tree protectors: The anthracite-colored tree protectors included in the set are not only aesthetically pleasing but also fulfill an extremely important function. They serve to protect the trees to which you attach your slackline. The trees are not only a natural anchor point for your practice, but also a valuable asset that needs to be preserved. And you are helping to ensure that the sport of slackline becomes more accepted.

Respect your environment

Gentle on nature: The SLACKTIVITY tree protection is specially designed to ensure that your slackline is attached to the trees safely and gently. By using tree protectors you minimize the pressure on the tree bark and significantly reduce the risk of damage to the trees. This means you can start and enjoy your slackline session straight away without endangering the trees you are holding on to.

Respectful treatment of nature: With the Sadu Yoga Slackline Set you not only get the tools for your yoga slackline practice but also show your respect for nature. It allows you to improve your skills while contributing to protecting your environment.

Your companion for yoga and relaxation

Whether you’re doing yoga poses on the slackline or just enjoying nature, this kit will accompany you on your path to relaxation and inner peace. Treat yourself to a break and find your balance on the slackline.

The Sadu Slackline Yoga Set – simplicity, efficiency, environmental awareness and relaxation, all in one.

Content of the Slackline YOGA Set

  • 1x 9 M black pinkTube webbing with endloops
  • 1x Inox Power Ratchet
  • 2x 2.4 M TreeSling
  • 2x 2.4 M TreeProtector
  • 1x Slackline Carabiner

Weight: 2.6kg

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