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softRelease V1.0

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The softRelease has been developed to ensure a safe and gentle release of tension in slacklines.


softRelease Standard

The softRelease Standard, is the perfect solution for delicately releasing tension in slacklines. This innovative tool ensures a slow, controlled, and gentle release, safeguarding both the ratchet and the webbing, which are often prone to damage during the traditional ratchet opening process. For slacklines tensioned with a HangOver pulley system, a softRelease is absolutely essential.

This tool weighs just 170g (the longer versions weigh 300g and 570g respectively). After use, it can be rolled up again within 15 seconds and is secured with a clamping buckle.

The short version is suitable for slacklines that are tensioned with ratchets. For long tricklines, longlines and highlines, however, the 4m softRelease and 10m softRelease models are recommended.

The 4m and 10m versions are not only suitable for tension releasing, but also for re-tightening the slacklines. The softRelease can be used in a semi-relaxed state as long as there are at least 6 wraps.


  • Mimimum Breaking Strength (MBS): >60kN
  • Protective fabric around the end loop
  • Release webbing 25mm (Polyester)
  • Weight: 180g

softRelease 4m

The softRelease 4m, in addition to the 6 wraps, provides 4 meters of additional webbing, making it safe for relaxing slacklines with the following lengths:

  • 40m long redTube
  • PinkTube pre-tensioned with 8kN
  • 80m long Marathon Webbing pre-tensioned with 8kN.


  • Mimimum Breaking Strength (MBS): >60kN
  • Protective fabric around the end loop
  • Release webbing 25mm (Polyester)
  • Weight: 300g

softRelease 10m

The softRelease 10m, in addition to the 6 wraps, offers 10 meters of additional webbing, allowing for the safe tension release of slacklines with the following lengths:

  • 70m long redTube tensioned with 6kN
  • 150m long BlackWhite tensioned with 6kN

The 10m option is the right choice for freestyle highlines that are permanently tensioned and whose tension needs to be slightly adjusted again and again.


  • Mimimum Breaking Strength (MBS): >60kN
  • Protective fabric around the end loop
  • Release webbing 25mm (Polyester)
  • Weight: 570g

Note: To connect the soft release to the slackline, an additional slackline carabiner or shackle is required.

More info about SLACKTIVITY’s slackline slow release system, the softRelease

SLACKTIVITY was the first to manufacturer the this type of system (2011). Since then, this term has become established for this type of tension releasing system in the slackline scene.

The first model was equipped with a Velcro strip. This has its advantages in use, but the disadvantage that the clamping force decreases over time. The current model is therefore equipped with a clamping buckle as a closure, which makes itmore durable.

The softRelease’s lifetime is significantly increased if you ensure that the softRelease is released slowly and in a controlled manner.

All models are compatible with the seaHorse-DP (SLACKTIVITY-WebLock with double pin). This combination allows the softRelease to be installed with just one shackle.

Check the video below to see how to use it

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for softRelease V1.0

  1. English

    Rotem Cahanovitc (verified owner)

    Works great but I think 10M is a overkill unless you are putting crazy KN on the webbing

  2. English

    Christian E. (verified owner)

    The soft release is OK, but I think it will be better if the whole soft release is made with the black webbing. The green webbing looks a little bit cheap.

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