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Tree Highline Kit

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Start highlining with ease using the Tree Highline Kit. This complete set provides all essential gear for expert tree highline rigging.


If you want to get started with highlining, then the Tree Highline Kit is perfect for you. It contains all the necessary gear to rig a highline between two trees. 

To get the necessary knowhow, we recommend to you to visit one of our highline workshops or join some friends with enough experience to teach you.

The Highline Webbing you can get with the Tree Highline Kit

You have the choice between three different setups – all of them come with an intermittent connection which provides extra safety.

  • pinkTube X LSD in 80m or 100m length
  • pinkTube X PES in 80m length

The pinkTube is the highline classic par excellence. It is extremely stretchy which allows soft leash falls. It is also light weight which makes it easier to control. At the same time it is soft under the foot and makes you feel like walking on clouds, also when bare foot. The pinkTube is not only great for walking but also an amazing highline freestyle webbing on any level.

All the webbings have a sewn loop at every end – in the mainline and in the backup. This allows you to connect it to further webbings if you wish to have a prolongation in future.

When choosing the LSD version, you will have the option to switch between the two webbings, simply by rigging the line upside down. LSDTube has a little less stretch and offers the perfect bounce for highline freestyle on lengths of 70 – 85m.

When choosing the PES version, you have a slightly lighter backup – this should never be used as a mainline though!

If you want to know more about the Type X webbing, click here.

Anchor point gear

In the tree highline kit, you have tree protectors included. Upon that, there are two round slings and two adjustable tree slings. The mix of these slings allows you very versatile rigging and to easily adjust it to the tree diameter.


Not only one but two seaHorses are included in the tree highline kit. Having two weblocks is essential for highline rigging as it allows you to have an intermittent connection in the middle of your highline.

The seaHorse is an easy-to-use weblock with two pushpins. It is extremely efficient for pre-tensioning and still perfectly locks the webbing.

Certified for highlining by the ISA.

If you want to know more about the seaHorse, click here.


The long softRelease allows you to easily de-tension even the tightest highline. Upon that, it allows you to re-tension your slackline if needed.


KingPins are included in the tree highline kit. These are the lightest shackles and at the same time they are much easier and faster to use compared to normal steel shackles. Despite their weight, they are still extremely strong.

If you want to know more about the KingPin, click here.

Tensioning system

Call it HangOver pulley system or Buckingham System. This is by far the most used tensioning system in the highline world. It is lightweight and the pulley system can be removed from the highline before stepping on. With the 3 HangOvers you have the option to make pulley systems with an efficiency of up to 9:1. The HangOvers have 4 ball bearings which make them extremely durable and compared to other pulley carabiners with 2 ball bearings, they are much more robust. This system also includes a T-grip and, a Softigging Plate and a Chainlock.


An Edelrid climbing rope with an additional mantle around. Combined with an individually tested leash ring. This leash stays strong, soft and flexible for many months.

Certified for highlining by the ISA

If you want to know more about the Highline Leash, click here.

Other Components Included in the Kit

The set also includes Connection Loops, Tree Protectors, a Dyneema sling, an 8mm Quicklink and a backpack.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Type X Webbing
  • 2x seaHorse
  • 3x KingPin
  • 1x T-Grip
  • 2x HangOver Classic V2.0
  • 1x HangOver Royal
  • 1x Highline Leash with Highline Ring
  • 2x HT Sling 2m
  • 2x Adjustable tTree Slings 5m
  • 1x SoftRelease V.2.0 10m
  • 1x Softrigging Plate
  • 1x HCD Sling
  • 2x Connection Loop
  • 1x 8mm Quicklink
  • 1x Chainlock
  • 2x Tree Protector
  • 1x Slack Backpack

Check on the video below how to setup the Tree Highline Kit

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