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Slackline benefits: the positive effects on your health

slackline benefits fof health
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Without any doubt, slackline benefits are plenty and they can influence your health in a positive way. Not only will it improve your posture and joint stability, but it also boosts your mental health and overall well-being.

Slackline benefits for posture

Slacklining activates your core muscles. Therefore those muscles get trained over time. This leads to a more upright posture and protects your spine. This training is free from hard impacts and heavy loads but simply activates the muscles in a soft way. Upon that, balancing in an upright position will increase your success on the slackline. While balancing you will want to seek the most successful position and forces yourself to an upright position…

Slacklining improves your joint stability and health

Every kind of balance training will improve the stability of your joints by strengthening the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Basically every joint in the system will take profit of the training. In a standing position, slacklining improves the stability of your ankles, knees, hip and spine. If you’d do a diagonal stand, you’d additionally strengthen your wrists and shoulders.

Improving the stability means improving your health. A better joint stability means less pain when moving. Studies have shown that balance training decreases the probability of sport injures by about 50%, one of the most important slackline benefits, especially for active people.

Master Thesis on slackline benefits

During his time at ETH Zurich, Samuel Volery has written his Master Thesis about the effect of a slackline training. You can download the thesis here, for free.

Main outcome was, that any balance training will improve your balance skills, joint stability and explosive strength. Compared to more traditional balance training devices as wobble boards, slacklining was rated to be more fun and more versatile as the length, sag and material can easily be changed, leading to a higher training effect.

At the same time, slacklining was rated to be tougher to start with. The first hour can be frustrating but if you keep practicing and do not give up, you will be able to play on the most fun training device of all and take advantage of all the slackline benefits, with many positive effects on your health.

Slackline health benefits

Slacklining and mental health

Not only your body will undergo positive changes. Also your mind and soul will take profit from slacklining. A study of Tobias Rodenkirch has shown that slacklining improves your ability to focus. While slacklining you will be able to relax and forget all problems for a few minutes. The only thing that counts and on which you have to focus is the next step and to stay in balance.

What are you waiting for? Do something for your health!

Some say, that slacklining is not only a sport but a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle. A way of living that improves your overall health, reduces your backpain and improves your posture. With all that said, we can only recommend to give it a try. You don’t have much to loose but a lot to gain. Grab a slackline, find a nice place in the park and give yourself at least 90 minutes of concentrated practice. And we promise that you won’t regret it!

With these slacklining tips you will improve twice as fast!

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