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Trickline: jumps, flips and spins

Trickline, that is practiced on beaches, parks and indoor spaces around the world, it’s more about tricks than walking and crossing lines. The point is to perform tricks over the slackline and the goal is to make increasingly difficult ones, combining them into larger and larger sequence

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Highlining: what is it?

Highlining is a slackline discipline that is practiced at great heights, between mountains, buildings, bridges or whatever. It is a great challenge and a slackline discipline in which the mental game and mindset are far more important than the technical and physical ability. To really know what is highlining you probably have to try to stand […]

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How to Trickline: Tips and Tutorials

You just got it, you are walking a slackline as if it was nothing and you want to ad something to your sessions but you know not, yet, how to trickline. Don’t worry! On this page you’ll find an overview of some trickline tutorials, full of great tips from Samuel Volery, that will make your […]

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Longlining Tutorials

The next level – Longline is probably the most varied and most exciting (maybe except highlining) discipline of slacklining. Whether beginner or pro – here you will find longlining tutorials to expand your experience. Have fun on the narrow webbings! Feedback on the videos or ideas for new tutorials are always welcome. Basic Longlining Tutorials How […]

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Forces in slacklining, on ratchet lines

The forces in slacklining that occur during the practise are composed of the preload force and the weight of the slackliner. This can be both static and dynamic. It is not possible to determine the forces without measuring device exactly – but one can calculate the forces in static slacklining with a formula approximately. Here […]

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Oval Carabiner vs. Pear Shaped Carabiner: wich one performs best on slacklining

Because slacklining is still a young sport and there are still few materials and standards that are geared to the slackline application, material from other applications (from sports and industrial climbing to industrial applications) is used. In this article, the suitability for slacklining, of the Pear Shape and oval carabiner is put to the test. […]

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Forces in Highlining

Many people who see a highliner on a highline for the first time, think that the forces in highlining are very high, especially when falling (leash fall). Since the slack (“sag”) in highlining is not as limiting as in longlining over ground, most highlines are much less biased and this leads to lower forces than […]

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