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Slackline Contests

SLACKTIVITY Slackline Challenge | 2019

slackline challenge

The deadman dive is the first assignment in our slackline challenge. In this video Lukas Irmler explains how to do it. Information about how to participate can be found here.

Round 1 of the Slackline Challenge

The Dead Man Dive

Round 2

The Korean Roll

The second assignment is The Korean Roll. It is explained to you by Gaëlle Joubert.

Round 3 of the Slackline Challenge

This combo is the third assignment in our slackline challenge. In this video dutch slackliner Tijmen van Dieren explains how to do it.

This combo is the perfect one to get a feeling of what it’s like to do trickbouncing on a highline. Later on you can try to get bigger amplitude, for now, you can do it with smaller bounces and make it yourself a bit easier. 

Round 4

This combo is the fourth assignment in our slackline challenge. In this video Slacktivity Athlete Sarah Rixham shows the 4th challenge. It’s time to get to the more challenging combo’s. We go from backbounce, to chestroll, to feet. It has element of tricky balancing on the back, and the fast acting for getting back on the line again in one bounce. Checkout the video, Sarah will talk you right through it! 

Some backstory from Sarah about the video:

I’m stoked to present this combo as I hadn’t tried it before so it was fun to try something new! I’m really psyched about learning new bounce tricks on the highline at the moment as I’m finally making progress after everything feeling so hard (and scary) at the beginning. Especially the mount in this combo which took me a really long time to learn and it feels like just the basics (not to put you off trying I’ve seen people learn it in one session). So even if you think it’s too hard or scary try this combo or even just some parts of it, it will become really fun I promise!

Round 5 of Slacktivity’s Freestyle Challenge

This combo is the fifth assignment in our slackline contest. In this video Slacktivity Athlete Louise Lenobe shows the 5th challenge. Last challenge you already had a go had getting from sitting to feet, this round has this challenge once more. But now also from feet to sitting. Louise explains that it’s important to change your position when you’re “lightweight” aka on top of the bounce. And when you are “heavy” on the end of the bounce you have to be strong. Good luck!  

Round 6

This is the 6th challenge in the challenge, brought to you by our Slacktivity Athlete Richard! In this video you will learn one of his signature tricks which makes his style so amazing, powerfull and fun! The Korean roll to sofa position, the tricky part is the timing here, in time you have to put your leg over the line and quickly grab the line before it will throw your self off. Also be quick this time after the roll you need to stand up quickly. 

Round 7 the Slackline Challenge

Sofa Style

Time to sit down and get back up in style! Sam really mastered the Sofa roll by now, he challeges you to play with the timing and earn some style points while bouncing. Sam also gives you an exercise to start with the sofa bounce on a highline. Good luck! 

Round 8

Louise Lenoble challenges in round 8 to do not one, but two backrolls, ready for it? So far we haven’t done any shoulderstands yet, eventhough it is now time to make a backwards one directly to a sitting position. From there on in the same bounce you have to go to feet again. Go to exposure and make a backwards sofaroll going to feet afterwards. The main challenge will be to keep the bounce going and get the right tempo to stand up again at the right moment. Good luck!

Round 9

Rocket-Mount to Sofa to Sick-Nasty to Feet. Lukas Irmler explains the 9th round of our challenge.

Final Round of the Slackline Challenge

Spin to win

The final and last round 10 is here! Quite the challenge, time to get dizzy! The goal is to keep doing the same sequence of Chest – Sofa – Back – Belly, with each time you succeed to do one roll in each position you have to add one more. Is your head already spinning? Good luck! 

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