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guillaume fontaine

Guillaume Fontaine

Guillaume Fontaine is an incredibly versatile Slackliner from Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. A cold but beautiful place 😉 he started slacklining during the summer of 2015 and develop a profound passion for it. Every free time he has was on the line, he tried to do the impossible. His obsession to slacklining has brought him to discover the magical world of Circus. He is now studying at the circus school of Quebec in second year and is having an amazing time. He practices mainly rodeoline and highline trickbouce.

In trickbouncing Guillo has invented countless new tricks.

Also he has set a few breathtaking Highline World Records like the send of the longest highline, the longest tandem walk and the longest unicycle ride on a highline.

Guillaumes goals are to keep experiencing the possibility of the sport, and share with other the joy of moving. Certainly there is still a lot to be seen of this young man in future 🙂

Some of Guillume's freestyle moves

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