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sebastian egger
Sebastian aka Basti | Photo Credits: Jonathan Doornenbal


Sebastian Egger was born in 1997 and at the moment he lives in the south of Munich. He is studying Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. 

Using the programming experience Iha has from university, he is planning to create a Highline Freestyle mobile app with a good friend. Let’s see if it works out! 

A Bit of Basti's Highline FreeStyle

SlackFaq's on Sebastian's Slacklife

When did you start slacklining and how did you discover that sport?

I started slacklining in 2015 after my best friend introduced me to it.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of slacklining?

It brings many motivated people from all disciplines together, may it be climbing, acrobatics, juggling, arts… you name it! If you start slacklining you are at high risk of meeting cool people that you will become really good friends with after some time!

Why do you love slacklining so much?

You can always improve in so many aspects of slacklining so you will never get bored.z

What are your favorite slackline disciplines?

Highline freestyle!

Do you have a permanent rig?

Unfortunately not.

What is your favourite setup (webbing, line length, tension)?

60m pinkTube. I have never measured the force of my lines but I love rather tight lines (probably more than 2kN) as they are a lot easier to control for me.

How much do you train?

As much as possible but it really depends on where I am and how much time I have to spend for university and work.

How do you buddy-check when you highline alone?

I check a couple of times before I go on the line and one more time before I stand up for the first time. Always the same ritual: Does the Figure 8 look good (on the harness and the leash rings)? -> Is it tied through both loops of the harness? -> Is my harness tight? -> Are my pockets empty?

What is your favourite trick on the line?

Back Almighty Flip!

Do you have any advice to learn that one?

First rule: Don’t think it is too hard for you! I started training for it before I have ever tried a Yoda Roll.

For the technique I would describe the sequence as follows:

You hit the bottom of the bounce (standing in exposure) -> Wait a little bit until you are on the way up -> Lean back -> Kick/hook the line with one foot and wait until you did the full flip -> Put the foot back on the line and stick the trick!! This is the hardest part.

For landing this trick everything has to come together and you will have a lot of falls until it happens. Don’t give up! Even if you miss the line with your foot, you only get 270° of rotation or you just don’t get the foot back on the line after the rotation, you will do it eventually. Filming yourself and analyzing the video helps a lot with improving your technique.

What advice would you give to a slackline beginner?

Spend as much time on the line as possible and try to use different setups (webbing, tension) to get used to a wide variety of styles.

Are you scared of heights?

In the beginning I had a really hard time on highlines. In the first two years of slacklining I went highlining around 10 – 20 times and every time I was really scared of the height. As soon as I went highlining regularly the fear slowly faded and now I can enjoy most lines without being afraid.

Do you have any major goal that you want to achieve in slacklining?

Right now I really want to push my limits in highline freestyle and see what is possible. I feel that the sport is still just at the beginning. At some point I would also love to walk a 2km line but for that I still have to work a lot on my walking technique.

sebastian egger highline freestyle
Sebastian aka Basti | Photo Credits: Jonathan Doornenbal

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