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The Highline Ticklist

highline Ticklist
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This Highline Ticklist will help you to pursue your goals on the highline. When you start highlining, you normally have the one and only goal at the beginning, which is, to stand up and walk. Often the progress is slowed down by fears of height, not understanding the dynamics of the highline, fears of being caught in the leash, etc. By using this highline ticklist, you can progress step by step. Learning some basic bouncing skills will help you a lot to feel more comfortable. Some of the basic Highline Freestyle tricks are much easier than standing up, and will help you, getting rid of your fears of height and gaining a fun and playful approach to highlining.

From Beginner to Pro Level

Once you know, how to stand up and walk, the journey is not over. There are countless impressive and fun tricks to still learn, after sending your first highline. This Highline Ticklist will give you some guidance which further steps you can take. The hardest tricks on the list are amongst the hardest tricks that the strongest Highline Freestylers stick consistently nowadays. So even if you reach level 10, there are still plenty of more difficult tricks to learn. Or, what we would anyway encourage you to do, is to create your own combos or your personal variations of the tricks.

Interactive Highline Ticklist pdf

This Highline Ticklist exists as a printed flyer, but also as an online pdf. This pdf includes many links. You can click on any link (blue, underlined text) and will directly be forwarded to the video-tutorial of the according trick.

Highlining is better with Friends

Rigging Highlines is clearly a team-challenge. And together it is anyway more fun. So just ask a few friends if they want to join the Treasure Hunt of this Highline Ticklist.

Once you managed a few Highline Freestyle tricks you should absolutely try some synchro sessions or play the Game of Slack! It is tons of fun!

Highline Setup

To achieve your goals of this Highline Ticklist you should ideally use a Freestyle Highline in a length of 60-80m. But anything between 50-100m will do the job. Rig the highline in a good Highline Freestyle tension (1.8-2.5kN). A great Setup to start with is a pinkTube/LSDTube Type-X. That webbing is soft and nice under your feet, beautiful to walk and performant for Freestyling.

For even better Freestyle performance a Y2K-webbing as backup will help for the more advanced tricks. The Y2K-webbing is a Kern-Mantle construction which is a huge advantage towards other high-tech webbings, as the longevity is much higher due to better UV-and abrasion-protection. Once you get more into Highline Freestyle, we recommend using a TrickZone to increase the safety and longevity of your highline rig. Overall we clearly recommend to use a highline rig that is certified for this purpose by the ISA.

Highline Safety

We from Slacktivity cannot take any responsibility for any of your action. Neither for your setups nor for any activity-related injury. We highly recommend to use only ISA-certified highline gear, properly warm-up before the session, watch the tutorials for the tricks, take good care of the leash handling (do not use an unnecessarily long leash) and make sure that you are in good shape to face the challenges.

Highline Ticklist-Level Videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6:

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

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2 Replies to “The Highline Ticklist”

  1. Paul Miller

    Sam is the man. In my 70 year old case, just hanging from the harness is challenging enough. Maybe in a few years I can try an easy horizontal trick.

    1. Samuel Volery

      Hi Wade

      It sounds pretty amazing what you’ve put into action with that Slackline-park for everyone! Direct sponsoring is a bit too much for us. We’re getting just too many sponsoring requests and try to focus on a handful of festivals that are also being attended by our athletes.

      What we could do however, is supporting you with a discount. We could offer you 15% (which is actually a lot for us, as our margins are pretty small).

      Let us know if you are interested in that.



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