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Slackline Projects

Zakynthos Highline: 580m Blindfoled send!

zakynthos highline

Karin went safely on the Zakynthos highline which became steeper the closer she got to the anchor point. After more than 500m without problems, she slid aside about 60m from the finish because she stepped onto the backup line that was wrapped around the slackline. But she is very happy that she has come this far and was able to enjoy this beautiful landscape over one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. For Karin there was no chance to try it again, because the weather changed and the line had to be derigged due to an upcoming storm.

Sam started from the higher anchor point and slid down 30 meters before he got up. Closer to the edge, a possible leashfall would have been too dangerous. On his second attempt to blindly send the line, he walked to 10 meters in front of the anchor point where the team members told him that he had reached the point where he was allowed to sit. It took him 45 minutes to cross the line, while being blindfolded, listening to the soothing sound of the waves hitting the rocks beneath him, counting his steps (as always) and attaining a state of meditation. There were 1,830 steps.

5 minutes later there was a sudden strong wind and made it impossible to make further attempts.

Many thanks to Lyell Grunberg (SLACKTIVITY-athlethe), Pablo Kolleone, Antony Newton, Pablo Traversat (SLACKTIVITY-athlethe), Aidan Williams, Lena Mailyn,Cepi Genio, Suizo Loco, Vassili Theodorou, Kris Morr, Karin Doblander (SLACKTIVITY-athlethe),Adriano Losso and Vangelis Krompas for all the hard work with this Zakynthos highline project.

Images by Aiden Williams (Instagram:
Webbing: halfMarathon
Spot: Navagio „Schiffswrack“ Strand, Zakynthos/Griechenland  

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