Expert Pro Slackline Kit | 75m/100M

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The Expert Pro Slackline Kit has about 30% less stretch compared to our other 37mm webbing. This makes it easier to tension on 75m/100m length and easier to control while slacklining.


Expert Pro Slackline Kit: 75m/100m

The ideal set for the dedicated longliner! The Expert Pro Slackline Kit was developed for those that really enjoy to walk and perform static tricks. It’s not that dynamic on longer lengths, but it is actually great for tricklining with a good amount of tension!

Advantages compared to other slackline sets:

  • The MonsterRatches are extremely powerful long-lever ratchets (handle is pulled away from the tree during the tensioning process) which have been specially optimized for slacklining
  • Thanks to the two plastic spacers of the MonsterRatchet, more slackline webbing can be wound up and the slackline gets perfectly aligned
  • The wear of the webbing through the ratchet is much lower than other slacklines / jumplines (whose metal edges laterally damage the webbing with time)
  • Thanks to adjustable tree sling, the ratchet always hangs close to the tree and does not swing in the system
  • The tree protectors included in the set have a length of 2.4 meters (longest tree protection on the market) and are thus suitable for large trees.
  • Thanks to the whiteGrip you will find better grip on the slackline
  • The webbing is lowstretch so it’s possible to tension it up to a 100m!


We recommend purchasing a soft release with a shackle. The softRelease allows to slowly detension your slackline, instead of snapping the ratchet open. For lengths up to 70m, the softRelease model is the right choice. If you want to tighten the slackline extremely tight, the softRelease 4m is recommended. By buying the softRelease & Shackle with the kit you save a little money compared to buying it separately.

Expert Pro Slackline Kit Content

  • 75/100m webbing (37 mm wide)
  • 2 monster ratchets with sewn-in V-loop
  • 2 adjustable tree slings (2.4 m long)
  • 2 stainless steel shackles 12mm
  • 2 tree protection (2.4 m long, 13 cm wide)
  • 1 detailed operating manual «onePageManual»
  • 1 (optional) detension system «softRelease + shackle» / «softRelease4m + shackle»

Weight: 75m: 10.4kg / 100m: 12kg

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