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“For the first time I steppt onto a Slackline in Summer 2006. It felt like something completely new and exciting. I will never forget the exhilaration crossing my first Slackline after a few days of intensive training. That was the start of my journey. Slacklining quickly developed from a hobby into a passion and became a big part of my life. After finishing university I decided to live my dream and become a full time professional athlete. From there on I started to shape my passion into a profession, while tying to keep the fire burning.

With the Slacklining I also started to travel, explore the world and making new friends around the globe. I could travel to 6 continents so far , got the chance to set up multiple world records along the way and could fulfill some of my big dreams in life. I walked on the world´s highest Highline across an active volcano at 5720m altitude in Peru, crossed the world´s biggest waterfalls, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and finally managed to send the world´s longest Slackline in Canada 2019. The 2000m long Highline above an old Asbestos mine. 

In recent years I started to create many new tricks and combos on Highlines, pushing the young discipline of Freestyle Highline forward. My last big challenge has been mastering the Handstand on the Slackline. There will always be new ideas, which seem impossible at first glance, but thats exactly what keeps me motivated. With the right team and a strong believe in the idea I really do think „anything is possible“. In Slacklining I experienced the impossible being done so many times, that I am looking forward with fascination to what the future holds for our young sport. “

A bit of Luka's Slacklife


What is your favourite setup (webbing, line length, tension)?

– 60 to 70 meters Pink Tube Type C with a great bouncing tension is really all I need to be happy 😉 

Do you have a permanent rig?

– I have a permanent Line most of the year, when I am not traveling and I believe its the most essential thing to have to progress fast! Having the opportunity to train also only for a few hours without the need to have a team to setup and everything accelerates the growth immensely! 

Do you have any major goal that you want to achieve in slacklining?

– I would love to visit Antarctica and Highline there. Then I can tell my grandchildren that I have Highlined on all seven continents. That´s definitely a lifetime goal for me! The only other thing might be to enjoy Slacklining for all my life and find ways to always keep doing it! 
lukas irmler waterfall highline

How do you buddy-check when you highline alone?

This is a very important topic, especially when you have permanent setups, where you often go on your own. For me personally I have established a routine of tripple checking myself. I obviously check the knots after tying in, but then I again check everything when I clip myself into the hangover and then I check for a third time before standing up. 

Once you have established that routine, it becomes second nature to always check our own knots multiple times during the session as well.

I have also had some Highline Students who would call me before getting on a Highline on their own and send me some photos or a short video via whatsapp to have me virtually check their knots! There are a lot of options and I believe its essential to have at least multiple checks on your own and better have a second person taking a look on whatever way works 🙂 

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