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INOX Power Ratchet | for 37mm slacklines

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The Inox Power Ratchet is super efficient at minimum weight, high precision and maximum ease of use. Ideal as a cost-effective alternative to the HangOver Pulley to stretch 37mm wide webbings up to 50m.

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INOX Power Ratchet | for 37mm slacklines

SLACKTIVITY has developed the first ratchet that is not optimized for lashing loads, but for slacklining: the INOX Power Ratchet. This new ratchet is made entirely of stainless steel . No more rust – even with permanent outdoor use. The performance could also be increased significantly. The slackline ratchet can now be operated even more precisely because stainless steel parts slide better than chromed or galvanized metal surfaces. In terms of sustainability, this stainless steel slackline ratchet is a milestone compared to conventional slackline ratchets.

When opening the slackline, a lot of energy is suddenly released. The ratchet is pulled towards the tree. In order to make the opening as comfortable and safe as possible, the opening lever handle was specially ergonomically shaped, which makes the opening child’s play, even for anxious people.

With a weight of 1020 grams, this is one of the lightest slackline ratchets with a breaking load of 50kN (5 tons). It is suitable for 35-38 mm slacklines.

Specifications 37mm slackline ratchet INOX

  • for 35-38mm slackline widths (with spacer also suitable for 25-27mm)
  • Ratchet Lever Length: 17cm
  • Weight: 1020g
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Breaking load: 50kN
  • WLL: 12kN
  • double security mechanism

Features (USP)

  • lightest 50kN ratchet ever
  • the complete slackline ratchet is made of INOX stainless steel
  • Ergonomic opening lever handle – easy release
  • V-Loop offers a variety of attachment options

Ratchet for 25mm webbing

The slackline ratchet can also be used with two spacers for 25mm wide slackline webbing. Click here for the slackline ratchet with spacers or to download the 3D print model for free.

Further information

In addition to the breaking load tests of the SLACKTIVITY suppliers, this information is also checked by SLACKTIVITY Switzerland. The power ratchet was loaded with 46kN (4.6t). It didn’t break and was still fully functional. Only the rod to which the end loop is attached and the spindle were slightly bent. With a load of 30kN, no impairments of the power ratchet were found.

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