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PARK100 | Marathon 100M Slackline Set | 15:1

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The PARK100 is a high-quality 100m slackline set that stands out due to its low weight. The right option for those aiming for longer lines. With this set you will also save more than 13% on all products.

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PARK100 – Marathon 100M Slackline set with a 15:1 system

The PARK100 is a high-quality 100m slackline set that stands out due to its low weight. With fewer components and a cleaner system than the rope pulley sets, this setup give more walkable length. The HangOverPulley setup system is super straightforward forward. It is built up during the tensioning process in two to four stages (3: 1/5: 1/9: 1/15: 1). And in the tensioning, the webbing is always blocked in the SeaHorse, offering extra safety.

The PARK100 with a 100 meters of Marathon is the right option for slackliners who are aiming for longer lines. As a plus, ahead in your slacklife, you will be able to use many of its components on setting up highlines.

The 100m Marathon slackline webbing has a low stretch and round webbing edges. This is why this webbing can be stretched very well over long distances. Due to the 3-layer weave, the outer fibers are less tense than the inner ones. This makes the line more erosion-resistant than conventional lines when under tension.

The seaHorse is a great plus for pre-tensionin and safety. ( Read the operating instructions and always use with the anti-slippage knot).

With a weight of 8.4kg and a small packing volume, this 100m slackline set can be carried by one person – probably the lightest you can buy! Take your longline skills to a new level with this slackline set.

Note that by buying the PARK100 you will be saving more than 10% on all products, compared to buying all the components piece by piece.

This 100m slackline set includes the following components:

  • 1x 100m Marathon with one end loop (width: 25mm). ISA Certified Highline Webbing.
  • 1x SeaHorse (weblock). ISA Certified Weblock.
  • 5x HangOver Classic 2.0 (may have a different gate color, according to stock availability). PSA certified CE 0194.
  • 1x 6mm D-shackle (to fix the multiplier).
  • 1x T-Grip (Webbing Grap WLL: 7kN).
  • 2x KingPin (aluminum shackle).
  • 2x ConnectionLoop.
  • 1x HCD-sling.
  • 2x softRiggingPlate.
  • 2x QuickLink.
  • 1x softRelease 4m.
  • 2x tree protection: length: 2.4m (TreeProtector or TreeProtector 3.0 according to stock availability).
  • 2x TreeSling (adjustable tree loops, length: 2.4m).
  • 1x SLACKTIVITY-BackPack.


  • Weight: 9750g
  • Maximum tension length: 100m with approx. 3m diameter
  • WLL (overall system): 7kN

Save on buying the slackline components individually

Need advice?

Do you need help to find the ideal slackline set or do you want to put the set together with other components? Contact us! – We are happy to advise you.

Read and understand the operating instructions fully (PDF under “Manual (pdf)”) before using the product

If you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them. Here also the note on SLACKTIVITY Youtube-Channel – which offers video assembly instructions in addition to many tutorials.

Video on using the HangOver-Pulley

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1 review for PARK100 | Marathon 100M Slackline Set | 15:1

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    Robbie McGill (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet but have been loving the 50m line I got from you guys !

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