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Y2K | 50m – 100m

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The Y2K is an astounding and groundbreaking high-tech webbing that embodies a completely new paradigm in slacklining. Not only that, but the Y2K also holds the distinction of being an ISA Certified Highline Webbing, classified under Strength Class A.

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Y2K: High-tech Slackline Webbing

isa certified highline webbing class a

The Y2K is a great High-tech slackline webbing for long lines, above 200m in length. It is not simply a webbing but a new principle of slackline. Every 50m/100m the Main-Line gets connected with a quicklink to the next Main-Line. Also every 50m/100m the BackUp gets connected to the Main-Line with a quick link.

But that’s not all! In addition to being an amazing and revolutionary highline webbing, Y2K is also an ISA Certified Highline Webbing, belonging to Strength Class A.

Check below, what advantages this system brings along.


  • Material: 50% polyester cover / 50% UHWMPE core (also known as Dyneema)
  • Architecture: 3-layer construction with PES fibers protecting the inner Dyneema fibers
  • Width: 26mm
  • Weight: 33g/m
  • Stretch: 1% at 5kN | 2.3% at 15kN
  • Main line length: 50m / 100m per piece
  • Backup Length: 52.7m / 105.5m per piece

ISA Certified Highline Webbing: Strength Class A

  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) Band (Batch 2021): 35.96kN
  • MBS intermittent connection loops (Batch 2021): 19.34kN
  • MBS sewn loops (Batch 2021): 32.64kN

For more information about Y2K check the article: The history of Y2K – The worlds first segmented highline high-tech webbing

Advantages of Y2K compared to standard Slackline Webbing

  • There is a functioning Backup all 50m/100m.
  • Main and Backup cannot be untaped in heavy winds – all 50m/100m a connection will remain.
  • It is possible to start rigging a line from both anchor points and simply connect it when meeting in the middle.
  • If you own e.g. 300m of this webbing but have a 340m-project, you can simply buy another 50m-piece to complete your Set-Up. Also possible to share Set-Ups with friends of course.
  • If one part of the line gets damaged, only a 50m/100m part needs to be replaced.
  • Easy to distribute the webbing on several backpacks when carrying it up the mountain.
  • Much easier line handling if there is e.g. a knot in the middle. Only a 50m/100m piece needs to be disentangled and you don’t have the disaster of e.g. a 500m line with a knot in the middle.
  • With this hybrid webbing the longest slackline of history with a length of 3km is just about to be rigged these days.

Note on Webbing Grips/grabs

Y2K may be tensioned up to a force of 6kN with a single Webbing-Grab. Above 6kN, two LineGrips must be used in series to prevent damage to the core-sheath construction of the Y2K. Y2K was tested with the following three webbing-grab devices: T-Grip, LineGrip and Snatch. In combination with other webbing-grab devices the gripping strength can be lower than 6kN.

In case you want to tension the Y2K-Webbing with a HangOver-Pulley System, we recommend being extremely careful. Make sure that the webbing is guided perfectly in the center of the HangOver and does not slip sideways. For higher tension, we recommend a rope pulley system.

This high-tech webbing can be bought as:

  • Main-Line (with a sewn loop on each end plus a double-loop on one end to connect the backup-webbing) which is 50m long
  • Backup-Line (with a sewn loop on each end) which is 53m long
  • Bundle (Main-Line + Backup-Line together)
Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Y2K | 50m – 100m

  1. English

    Rocco Fucetola

    Absolutely the best high tech webbing for long highlines, bar none. As a note, my friend and I purchases 300m double backed y2d (50m sections) each and have been using it for all lines over 250m. I have tried every high tech webbing besides skydiamond and can attest that while this may not be the lightest and thinnest webbing out there, it makes up for it in every conceivable way. It is not sharp, the least slippery of all high techs, is able to be tensioned with a snatch up to 5kN, and feels like walking on a cloud. The sheathed construction is a huge benefit for wear, longevity, tensioning, and slipperiness. There is a reason why every record breaking line is rigged on y2k, and why every super long highline needs y2k at the bare minimum on the ends. Also, the connections can be (and I exclusively) rigged with 5mm softies which I appreciate at a primal level.

    My personal opinion is: why spend a little less for significantly inferior high tech webbings when this costs just a few hundred more. Also, their support department is filled with really great and helpful people.

  2. English


    I bought 200m bundle of this webbing at the end of 2021, after trying it on a 350m project with friends I decided to buy an additional 300m and my friends 200m!
    Very light for large projects! A reference in dynema webbing !

  3. English

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to walk this cruiser webbing!

  4. English

    Martin Deslandes (verified owner)

    Smoother than a was thinking love it

  5. English

    Jeramiah Morgan (verified owner)

    I need more already.

  6. English

    Joel M. (verified owner)

    You can feel the difference in quality

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