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LSDTube Webbing | 30m – 100m

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It feels like you are walking on the rainbow with the brand new LSDTube Webbing! Guaranteed maximum playfulness, both visually and performance of the slackline. This light and stretchy slackline is multifunctional as it is ideal to let off steam creatively with hard bouncing tricks and surfing sessions or if you just want to have a relaxing session, doing meditative walks.


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LSDTube: Add fun to slacklining

The LSDTube webbing is the most colorful in the slackline universe, thanks to the sublimation thermal transfer printing process. This webbing is not only visually convincing but has also a super performance. With a weight of only 49.5g/m, it is super easy to carry around, an awesome choice for  highlining or park sessions. LSDTube has pleasant walking characteristics (light webbings are easier to walk than heavy ones, because less weight is involved in the slackline system).

LSDTube is based on the most successful long / highline webbing – the PinkTube. Thus it also has an extremely high elasticity and is, therefore, a very playful webbing, perfect for bouncing, slackline yoga and surfing. Overall, the bounce feels a bit smoother as well as the surface, when comparing with the PinkTube. But after a few sessions, the webbing will get rougher which gives it more grip.


  • Material: nylon tube webbing (polyamide, PA)
  • Width: 25.5mm
  • Stretch: 2.7% at 1kN, 6.3% at 2kN (most used highline tension), 8.5% at 3kN, 10.2% at 4kN (good park tension), 12.3% at 5kN, 18% at 10kN – high-stretch for big bounces and surfs
  • MBS webbing: 25kN (test results Batch 2020: 25.6kN, 26.0kN, 26.1kN)
  • MBS MainLoops: 18kN+, MBS BackupLoop: 12kN+
  • MBS X-Connection: 12+kN
  • Weight: 54g/m

LSDTube Webbing Features

  • The most colorful webbing on the market with high-stretch properties
  • Sewn end loop for efficient assembly at both ends
  • BackupLoop (Version A) to additionally secure the sewn end loop


Type A

This webbing is available in classic Type A as a single webbing in lengths of 30m, 50m and 80m. The 50m, 80m and 100m versions have a T-loop in the middle, which allows highlines to be connected to a backup. In addition, all 3 lengths have a sewn end loop on both sides and an additional backup loop on one side. Caution: Only the MainLoop may be loaded directly and the BackupLoop may only be used as a backup (tie-back).

Type X

The Type X is a set of 2 webbings sewn together in the middle, one to be used as main line and one as backup line. This configuration makes an amazing and, at the same time, simple and safe highline setup, perfect for freestyle.

It is important to note that Type X setups are only suitable for highlining and not for park use and, as it should be, that these variants  are certified for highline use by the ISA.

The LSDTube X pinkTube combines both – in every freestyle session you can choose if you prefer bouncing on pinkTube or LSDTube. This Type X highline webbing version comes in two lengths: 80m and 100m. Main and backup have the same length. All 4 ends have a sewn loop for connecting additional slacklines. In order for the backup to be long enough, we have a 9m extension loop (not included) which can be attached to the end loop with 8mm Maillon Rapides.

Type X component Specifications


  • Material: Nylon slackline tubular webbing
  • Width: 26mm
  • Stretch:  22.6% at 10kN | 1kN: 1.6% , 2kN:  6.6% , 3kN:  10.6% , 4kN:  13.3% , 5kN:  15.4%
  • ISA Highline Webbing Strength Class: C
  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) – Batch 2020: 25.6kN
  • MBS main loop (batch 2020): 23.1kN
  • MBS backup loop (batch 2020): 16.0kN
  • MBS X-Connection: 12+kN
  • Weight: 54g / m

Backup Highline Extender

  • The backup extender is a 9m long piece of pinkTube (in black color) with a sewn loop on both sides. This is about the length that is needed to extend the backup of a 80m/100m pinkTube or LSDTube Type X on one side.

ISA certification

The LSDTube is certified by the ISA for highlining. It is essential that you have read and understood the operating instructions carefully.

Note on lifespan: LSDtube webbing must be withdrawn from highline use after 180 days of use latest. Days of use are also those days, when the webbing is simply set up, exposed to wind and weather, without anyone walking on the line. A strong loss of color happens by UV radiation. When the LSDTube has almost no color anymore and is becoming really stiff, this is a sign that it is time to stop using the webbing for highlining. Such LSDTube should also not be used for longlining with high forces anymore. We recommend to keep using such webbing for slacklines without any tension, e.g. for rodeolines in the park or in a flat.

Before using this equipment, you must read and understand all instructions for Use! Check the manual (PDF) on the “Manuals Tab”

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for LSDTube Webbing | 30m – 100m

  1. English

    SYLVAIN GUILLON (verified owner)


  2. English

    Jack W. (verified owner)

    Behave super nice however it is very slippery when new witch gives some difficulty if your doing a primitive rig

  3. English

    Sergio M. (verified owner)

    Nice soft walks

  4. English

    David Friehauf (verified owner)

    Great webbing! Super bouncy!

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