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andrea dattoli yoga slackliner


Andrea Dattoli is a Yoga slackliner from Mexico. She’s a very passionate practioneer and teacher of the following three things: Yoga, Acroyoga and Slacklining! The mastering of these 3 skills make up for an unique creative slackline style with lots of controlled and elegant yoga moves on the slackline. Next to that she’s a social psychologist and sometimes an artist!

She defines her self as someone who experiments with all forms of movement, lately she has been mainly interested in the development of her balance. This has led to new Yoga moves on the floor & on the slackline. Her improved balance on the line helps her a lot while doing Yoga and Acroyoga. Her moves come from moving her body consious and constant motivation. She has been slacklining for 5 years now.

She’s a certified teacher in Acroyoga TT Montreal since 2015 and Hatha Yoga. She’s a member of the Mexico City slackline team “Tenochtitline Slackline México”. Her goal is to motivate the community and make it grow, and above all to create new possibilities of art, corporal expression and options to open a path of heailing and well-being.

A few of Andrea's yoga slack video turorials


When did you start slacklining and how did you discover that sport??

I started slacklining 8 years ago.  I discovered the sport in a music festival in México, with a group of new friends I met, they had started to practice 2 years  ago.

Why do you love slacklining so much?

I love slacklining because it is a unique sport where you can develop several abilities. Physical, mental, abilities of proprioception and an emotional sense of presence. It also help to relax the mind and experiment a kind of unique meditation.

What are your favorite slackline disciplines?

I love to do yoga on the slackline and recently also trickbounce on highlines .
Slackline yoga asana
andrea dattoli yoga slacker

What is your favourite setup (webbing, line length, tension)?

I love nylon webbings, low  tension, and between 60 – 150 m or more for walk long distances.

 Do you have a permanent rig? 

No, never.

 How much do you train?

Just like 2 days a week. Sometimes on projects also for 5 days in a row.

How do you buddy-check when you highline alone?

I repeat to myself the basic rules of security. I check the rig again and make sure that every piece is in the  correct position and with the right function.  

What is your favourite trick on the line?

Shoulder stand free hands and expo surf.

Do you have any advice to learn that one?

Shoulder stand free hands: Practice the shoulder stand with one hand, then change the hand, then try with just one foot over the line, and keep your body relaxing but aligned when you try to take out the hands.

What advice would you give to a slackline beginner?

Don’t try to control the line, try to feel it and flow your body  with that movement, with a relaxed mind and body, but always with awareness  of your alignment and the power of your center, the pelvis.
andrea dattoli slackline yoga poses
yoga slackline split

Are you scared of heights?

Not really , the heights inspire me to feel more freedom.

Do you have any major goal that you want to achieve in slacklining?

My major goal is more about a social sense,  not personal. It is about developing the slackline- and the highline-community in my country México, and keep motivating people around the world to practice this amazing sport and create more possibilities on the line. 

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