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salomé Cholet


Hi! I’m Salomé, I’m 21 and I’m a French physio student in Montpellier. I’d grow up with cliffs in my garden and after more than 10 years of climbing I finally felt in love with highlining. It was a dream that comes true 3 years ago now. What I love in this sport is the feeling when I am on the line, this intense freedom and this continuous smile I got when I’m walking, bouncing, playing on the line and the beautiful community around it!
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SlackFaq's on Salomé's Slacklife

When did you start slacklining and how did you discover that sport?

I’ve discovered this sport when I was 14 during a cave visit (someone was highlining in that cave) and I immediately fell in love, during the whole visit, I was like “I want to try!

I really want to try!” But I didn’t and that became a dream. But 3 years ago, I was working in that cave and I saw the same guy. We talked a lot and few hours later, I was on my first highline, a 110 meter long highline just above my home. From this moment, I’ve never stopped!

Why do you love slacklining so much?

I’ve almost never slacklined on the ground, I’m too afraid about getting hurt. That’s one of the things I love in highlining, no concerns about the ground or anything. 

In highlining, when you are walking, you’re on birds place, you have this air all around you, at a place humans are not supposed to be able to walk, and if you fall, you’re still flying! I love this feeling of freedom when I walk and when I do absolutely what I want in the middle on the sky!

What are your favorite slackline disciplines?

On and a half years ago, I would say long highlines, back then I’ve on sighted a 500 meters long highline. Then I’ve been introduce to tricks and once again I fell in love. Now, what I love most is bouncing and playing with those “no limit lines” in the middle of the sky.

What is your favourite setup ?

My favourite setup so far is around 75 meters of Slacktivity LSDTube, with high-tension. I’ve never felt a bounce like this one! There is time to do tricks like in longer lines and there is reactivity and energy like in shorter lines. The perfect highline freestyle setup!

Do you have a permanent rig?

I have a permanent rig since a few months now, it’s a 60m Slacktivity pinkTube in the cliffs above my home.

How much do you train?

As much as I can, I don’t really see that as training. I’m still a student so I don’t have all the time I would want to practice. Those days I’m practicing only during the weekends but as soon as possible, I will have at least one session almost every day.

How do you buddy-check when you highline alone?

Alone or not, I buddy check myself 2 or 3 times when I’m still at the anchor, looking for the knot, counting and checking if everything is ok. Then I again I check everything just before my first start.

What is your favourite trick on the line?

So far, the “Panic roll to feet” is my favourite trick. I love the feeling I got when a did and land it!

Do you have any advice to learn that one?

Before trying it, I think the basic panic roll has to become almost an automatism. So do it over and over again, play with it like trying to add a chest roll at the end or to do it from feet and one day, you’ll feel it’s the moment to try and do it. I landed it in my third session after less than 10 try.

What advice would you give to a slackline beginner?

Enjoy and try. Just enjoy every moment on the line, try everything you want, don’t focus on what you can’t do, focus on what you feel and what you can do at the moment. Always focus on good vibes, be happy about every little achievement on the line and the progress will slowly come.

Are you scared of heights?

I’ve never been scared of heights, to be honest, I absolutely love heights!

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