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Highline Trickzone Pro Setup | PinkTube or LSDTube

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The Highline Trickzone Pro Setup is the perfect choice for highline freestylers. It has a 5m long redTube freestyle zone in the middle that increases safety and comfort and a super safe and lightweight Y2K backup.


The Highline Trickzone Pro Setup is the one on which the strongest highliners in the world are throwing their tricks. Riders like Basti Egger, Salomé Cholet, Tim Odermatt and Samuel Volery are training on this setup almost daily. It is also the setup that has been chosen for the first Highline Freestyle World Championships.

Why the Highline Trickzone Pro Setup?

Let us explain, why this setup is so ridiculously good to stick sick tricks. You may pick one of two amazing webbings. The pinkTube, that has been the webbing on which Highline Freestyle has been created. Also now it is the most used Highline Freestyle webbing worldwide. And the  LSDTube which is becoming more popular by the day. Each of them has a 5m long sessioning zone in the middle increasing the safety. This zone is much more abrasion resistant and upon that really nice to your hands when doing rocket mounts and similar tricks. The Y2K backup is extremely light weight and at the same time robust. This makes it a performant and safe backup. Because the Y2K is a Kern-Mantle construction, it can also be re-used as a backup once it is time to sort out the main line. The polyester mantle protects the inner Dyneema fibers from UV-light and abrasion.

The main and also the backup have a T-Loop to connect both webbings with one another and therefore increasing its safety.

For optimal performance, we recommend to set up the line, using a seaHorse on both sides. This way you can make sure, that the sessioning zone is placed in the middle of the line. In case the line is slightly off-level, we recommend moving the sessioning zone a few meters towards the lower anchor point.

Be aware that such a performant, the Highline Trickzone Pro Setup, also needs special care:

  • To have a long-lasting setup and to increase the safety margins, you should ideally only do tricks on the red sessioning zone.
  • We recommend taping the sewn connection between the pinkTube/LSDTube and the redTube. This protects the sewing from UV-light and abrasion. Also we recommend to not take leashfalls on the connection.
  • On the length of the sessioning zone, the backup should be taped every 40-50cm to the main. Like this, you don’t have any real loops in which you can be caught when taking an uncontrolled whipper. Also it is much nicer to session if you don’t have to worry about any backup.
  • The backup length should be adjusted on both sides of the line in a way, that it does almost engage in the biggest bounces. If it does engage, then it is too tight and the line will start behaving in a weird way when you hit the bottom.


  • redTube & pinkTube sewn connection MBS: 20kN
  • redTube & lsdTube sewn connection MBS: 20kN
  • Main line length: 85m (80m pinkTube / LSDTube with 5m additional redTube)
  • Backup length: 105m Y2K with 1 T-Loop in the middle


  • Material: Nylon slackline tubular webbing
  • Width: 26mm
  • Stretch:  22.6% at 10kN |  15.4% at 5kN |  13.3% at 4kN  | 10.6% at 3kN | 6.6% at 2kN | 1.6% at 1kN
  • ISA Highline Webbing Strength Class: C
  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength): 22kN
  • MBS main loop: 22kN
  • MBS sewn connection redTube/pinkTube: 22kN
  • MBS T-Loop: 12kN
  • Weight: 54g /m


  • Material: Polyamid Tubular Webbing
  • Width: 25.5mm
  • Stretch: 18% bei 10kN  | 12.3% bei 5kN | 10.2% bei 4kN | 8.5% bei 3kN | 6.3% bei 2kN  | 2.7% bei 1kN
  • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) Band: 22kN
  • MBS main loop: 22kN
  • MBS sewn connection redTube/pinkTube: 22kN
  • MBS T-Loop: 12kN
  • Weight: 54g / m


  • Material: Polyamid Tubular Webbing
  • Stretch: 18.6% bei 10kN | 11.6% bei 5kN | 9.6% bei 4kN | 6.6% bei 3kN | 3.1% bei 2kN | 1.1% bei 1kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 36kN
  • ISA 41 certified in strength class A
  • Weight: 76g/m



  • Material: 50% polyester cover / 50% UHWMPE core (also known as Dyneema)
  • Architecture: 3-layer construction with PES fibers protecting the inner Dyneema fibers
  • Width: 26mm
  • Weight: 33g/m
  • Stretch: 1% at 5kN | 2.3% at 15kN
  • Length:105.5m per piece

ISA Highline Webbing Strength Class: A (certification pending)

    • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) Band: 35.96kN
    • MBS intermittent connection loops: 19.34kN
    • MBS sewn loops: 32.64kN
    • T-Loop MBS: 15kN

Apart from these points, normal highline precautions should be taken. If you are not yet a highliner and want to get into highline freestyle, make sure to visit a course first. In the Slacktivity athlete team we have Gaelle Joubert (France), Lukas Irmler (Germany) and Samuel Volery (Switzerland) who are giving highline classes. Simply drop us a message to learn more about these courses.

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1 review for Highline Trickzone Pro Setup | PinkTube or LSDTube

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    Sebastian E. (verified owner)

    By far the best Highline Freestyle setup out there at the moment. For lines up to 65m I prefer the PinkTube version and for longer lines the LSDTube version has a bit more power. The RedTube trick zone feels a lot better on the hands and is more resistant to abrasion. What else would you want?!

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