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Marathon: 1 Inch Slackline Webbing | 50m – 100m

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The Marathon is a high-tech polyester webbing designed with low stretch and soft edges. Its pleasant dynamics ensure perfect performance and an exceptional walking experience. In addition to these outstanding qualities, this classic webbing is now an ISA Certified Highline Webbing, classified under Strength Class A.

isa certified highline webbing class a

isa certified highline webbing class aMarathon, a 1-inch slackline webbing with a hybrid construction, used to set new world records

The Marathon is perfect for looong lines, and now it has also achieved the prestigious distinction of being an ISA Certified Highline Webbing, classified under Strength Class A! This 1-inch slackline webbing has low stretch (4% @ 10kN) that ensures easy tensioning at every length. It is produced with a 3-layer construction which keeps the inner fibers at a higher tension than the outer fibers. This construction makes the line more abrasion-resistant and ensures that remains soft underneath your feet, even at high tensions.

The advanced manufacturing process gives Marathon a superb breaking strength-to-weight ratio of 37kN and 61.5 grams per meter. Furthermore, the 3-layer construction and high-performance fibers allow the edges of this 1-inch slackline to be perfectly round. The dual-color design makes it easy to detect twists during rigging.

The perfect line for distances from 50m or way longer, like when Samuel Volery broke the world record on this line!


  • Stretch @ 10kN: 4%
  • Minimal Breaking Strength (MBS): 37kN
  • MBS sewn loops: 33kN – made by Santy Torres “Sewings El Patron”
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Construction: flat strip, core-sheath construction, Form-8 architecture
  • Thickness: 2.8mm
  • Weight: 61.5g/m

ISA Certified Highline Webbing: Strength Class A

Marathon weight:

  • 30m Marathon: 1.83kg
  • 50m Marathon: 3.08kg
  • 80m Marathon: 4.92kg
  • 100m Marathon: 6.15kg
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Marathon: 1 Inch Slackline Webbing | 50m – 100m

  1. English

    Loose Liner (store manager)

    I have owned 150M of this marathon for a little over three years now.
    I have 5 other webbings, this one is special to me.

    Marathon has been an amazing longline and highline, with nice predictable uniform bounces, it has a nice weight to it and it feels easy to walk. Recently I sent a 140M as a midline, it felt amazing.
    Unfortunately it’s superior abrasion resistance makes the webbing a bit slippery.

  2. English

    Tomas Magalhães Carneiro

    I own a 30M line that I use at the park with very low tension (primitive setting). I am a begginer/intermediate practitioner that started a bit late in slakline (40 years old) and this line helped me to progress. as it´s very light and confortable to walk

  3. English

    Julian (verified owner)

    Quickly became my go to. Got 100m with sewn loops both sides with the idea of alternating anchor side to wear more uniform over time, walking mostly 45 – 50m park lines at the moment. Like another reviewer also starting at age 40, not sure if this is a trend going for old school Marathon lol.

    Anyway love walking it. Started with 30m Green, then 50m Feather Pro, and this is definitely helping push to the next level. With anchors about 2.5m and a 5:1 + multiplier I find rigging 50m in a flat park by myself very doable and fun. Someone mentioned it being a bit slippery which I did notice when it was brand new and my feet were wet from the grass, but not a problem. After walking on it a bit no issue, feels great. Strong, flat, and cool colors. The orange side in particular can look kind of psychedelic when flickering in the sunlight, in a nice way, and makes a helpful contrast to the grass. Green side is a good friend too 🪐🧡🦜💚

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