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Primitive Slackline Kit | Light & Easy Setup

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SLACKTIVITY’s Primitive Slackline Kit has a simple setup, it is super-light and you can even choose your favorite type of slackline webbing.


Primitive Slackline Kit –  Choose your favorite webbing!

Finally, something in between our beginner sets (Minimum, Allround & Expert) and our HangOver Pulley System! The Primitive Slackline Kit is an affordable, lightweight solution, with special setup benefits, thanks to the HangOver,  the adjustable tree slings, and the Small Rigging plate. The perfect upgrade when you want something more than just a short line, but don’t want a big set right away.

Also, if you opt for this set, you will save approximately 10% on each component compared to purchasing them individually.

Which webbing should you choose?

  • Go for PinkTube or LSDTube (30 meters) if your goal is to practice with the aspiration of stepping into highlining in the future. These webbings will also provide you with greater enjoyment as you perfect big surfs and surfwalks. With this setup (thanks to the multiplier), you’re able to tension these stretchy nylon webbings enough to rig them in the park without 4m high anchors. For 25m plus park lines we recommend using Marathon.
    LSDTube and pinkTube include two endloops.
  • Go for Marathon (30/50 meters) if you prefer a lower and tighter setup. Its low stretch (4% @10kN) makes it easier to achieve the desired tension with relative ease. This webbing is perfect if you want to concentrate on walking longer distances in the park, seek a flow state, and aim to perform static tricks and your first surfs.
    Marathon includes one endloop.

Slacktivity’s Primitive Slackline Kit Benefits

Adjustable Tree Slings

  • Thanks to the adjustable tree sling you’re able to set the length of the sling to any tree, up to 2,4m. The small velcro piece it has on the inside makes stick to the tree preventing it from sliding down during the primitive slackline setup! It also gives allows you to directly attach the Small Rigging Plate (SmallRP) without an extra connector. Easy packable and lightweight compared to other slings.

Small Rigging Plate

  • The Small Rigging Plate prevents the carabiner from triloading (carabiners are made for a straight pull, not for a pull in 3 different directions). Triloading will weaken your carabiner even on a primitive slackline setup. With this kit that is prevented. The additional holes give the advantage of easy attachment of the multiplier.

The HangOver Classic 2.0

  • The HangOver multiplier makes sure that you always be able to tension your line to your desired tension. The HangOver has less friction then a regular carabiner, which means more efficiency. Besides that, you’re already prepared for starting your highline career, because you already have an HangOver!
  • With this primitive slackline kit you already have some pieces of the HangOver Pulley System. With a T-Grip, SoftRelease, SeaHorse and 2 HangOvers you’re ready to rig lines of 50m and maybe more.
  • Note: the HangOver may have a different gate color, according to stock availability.

Tree Protector:

  • Length: 2.4m (TreeProtector or TreeProtector 3.0 according to stock availability)


  • 30m Marathon Set: 4.78kg
  • 30m pinkTube Set: 4.6kg
  • 30m LSDTube Set: 4.5kg
  • 50m Marathon Set: 6kg

Note: despite the fact that both, pinkTube, LSDTube and Marathon webbings are certified by ISA for highlining, this primitive slackline set is not recommended for highline setups.

Check on the video below how to setup a Primitive Slackline Kit

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Primitive Slackline Kit | Light & Easy Setup

  1. English


    I´ve used the primitive system for a couple of months about 2-3 times every week. I can certainly recommend this system.

    The quality is awesome and the marathon webbing feels really great on the feet (no cuts with high tension). The system is light and the parts have quality that one can easily tell. There is no doubt that the parts will last for years to come.

    The webpage does not mention (although the video clearly shows it) a lot of webbing is needed for the primitive setup. One way to “extend” the webbing is to invest in a seaHorse later on.

    The only thing really missing is a bag; which IMHO should be included for that price.

    • English

      andrevaz (store manager)

      Thank you for your feedback Lars. Enjoy it! 😉

  2. English

    David (verified owner)

    Really awesome set up everything you need! And you got a sweet bag to carry everything in! 100%

  3. English

    Patricia Chalubiec (verified owner)


  4. English

    Luciano D. (verified owner)

    Awesome kit of slack! Definitely you should buy the pink tube if you like do bouncing and be prepared for your first highline! Thank you !

  5. English

    Dimitri (verified owner)

    Very good kit, however… The kit comes with 2 ChainLocks and the instructional video uses the 3rd one for an additional tensioning with the HangOver. I don’t see how you can use the 3rd carabiner and the HangOver without 3rd ChainLock 🙁

    • English

      andrevaz (store manager)

      Hi Dimitri!

      Thank you for your feedback. Regarding the third chainlock, you do not need it. The webbing in the video does not have an endloop and your webbing has one. With it you can connect the Twisted shackle directly to the endloop without any the need of any chainlock on that side. As for the carabiners, you can use the 3 of them, just as it is shown in the video.

      If you need any help on how to assemble the set, just write us to [email protected]. we will be happy to help you.

      Slacktivity International

  6. English

    Doris (verified owner)

    Great line, super set.

  7. English

    Lucas Broido (verified owner)

    A bag to carry all of the pieces together would be appreciated 🙂

  8. English

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    awesome product

  9. English


    Slacktivity is super supportive with their customers and have such a great product. I emailed the support team for webbing advice and they were very helpful, the line came in 2 days from Portugal to United States and everything was nicely packed and I even got a little note with my stickers. I will definitely be recommending fellow slackers in the future 😉

  10. English

    Laine (verified owner)

    awesome hardware !

  11. English

    evert (verified owner)

    Short summary: great set that I can fully recommend! After reaching out to the Slacktivity support team I got very swift replies with some great advice. I ordered the primitive set with 50m of marathon webbing, mainly to use in the local parks for distances between 15 and 35 meters. What I enjoy and like about this set: – The marathon webbing is ISA (class A) rated. Good to support the testing and rating of webbing, and be able to potentially user it at a later point for highlining – The adjustable tree slings are a nice (and light weight) system – Elegant system with the twisted shackle + small rigging plate. Not tri-loading carabiners. – The hangover is nice to tension the longer lines and useful for highlining later on – Everything is thought out and high quality – I keep the twisted shackle on one tree sling, the rigging plate with the required carabiners + line-locks on the other sling. This makes it super fast to setup in the park. It’s definitely not the cheapest primitive set on the market, but well thought out and high quality. I’ve already had many hours of fun with this set and I expect to get a lot of enjoyment from this set in the future.

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