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DaVinci Slackline Tutorials & Tips

davinci slackline tutorials and tips
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Do you want to combine core tension training with a lot of fun? Then the DaVinci Slackline is the perfect training device for you! That is why we suggest you take a look at our new DaVinci Slackline tutorials.

With the quadruple slackline you train your core, triceps, shoulder and leg muscles in an intense but playful way.

Ideally, you install the DaVinci Slackline in your backyard or if you have enough space even in your flat. Or you use that training device in your local slackline association gym. Overall it is extremely important to have mats underneath.

DaVinci Slackline Tutorials

The 10 Levels

Are you wondering what exercises are possible on a DaVinci slackline? Here we have prepared a handful of challenges for you – from easy to extremely difficult.

How to learn the DaVinci Slackline – for beginners

To achieve the challenges mentioned above, you should of course first learn the basics. In the following tutorial you can find advice on how to:

  • Find the correct place on the DaVinci Slackline
  • Stand Up
  • Move back and forth
  • Do your first rotation with the help of a partner
  • Do rotations without help

How to set up the DaVinci Slackline

Before you can start training you should of course first install a DaVinci Slackline. In the following tutorial, you can learn:

  • What gear is necessary to anchor a DaVinci Slackline?
  • What are the differences between the 4.2m and the 7.2m version?
  • How should you install the line to maximize the fun and success?

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