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Information, tips and tutorials to help you learn slackline in a faster, easier and funier way.

A Slackline Workout to Increase your Fitness: Tips and Exercises

Almost any kind of workout will increase your fitness. Doing exercises on an unstable ground offers the advantage that it stabilizes your joints while putting less stress on them. So, slackline workout is great to prevent injuries but also to build up your stability after an injury.

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How to Trickline: Tips and Tutorials

You just got it, you are walking a slackline as if it was nothing and you want to ad something to your sessions but you know not, yet, how to trickline. Don’t worry! On this page you’ll find an overview of some trickline tutorials, full of great tips from Samuel Volery, that will make your […]

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Longlining Tutorials

The next level – Longline is probably the most varied and most exciting (maybe except highlining) discipline of slacklining. Whether beginner or pro – here you will find longlining tutorials to expand your experience. Have fun on the narrow webbings! Feedback on the videos or ideas for new tutorials are always welcome. Basic Longlining Tutorials How […]

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