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Learn Highline: Basic lessons & Tips

learn highline basic lessons and tips
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Here you can find a lot of useful lessons to learn highline . If you are a Highline Beginner or an advanced highliner we have some tutorials to offer. 

In case that you have never tried and you want to learn basic skills to get ready for that adventure, then you should definitely check the following section: How to get ready for Highlining: Basics and Recommendations

If you do not have the possibility to join an experienced highliner, then we highly recommend to take a Highline-Course before you start rigging your own lines. Check also some recommendations about how to rig a highline.

Learn highline: basic lessons

No matter if your first highline tries will soon happen or if you’ve already tried highlining a couple times – this video will give you some great insights what you should learn beforehand or avoid on the highline. 

Samuel Volery has gathered 10 typical Highline Mistakes that beginners make, that will help you learn highline. 

Being able to climb the leash is extremely important. With the correct technique you can safe a lot of energy for what you really aim to achieve.

Too scared?? Well, then learn highline by getting rid of your fears of height with a simple trick. This one will help you trust the highline gear. We recommend to do it at the beginning of every of your first 10 highline sessions. 

This video is more about rigging. What happens if the mainline fails? How high should the highline be rigged at least? And how important are intermittent connections? Useful knowledge for every highliner!

Learn the correct leash handling. A skill that can prevent injuries. Get the highline leash to the correct length. And where should the leash rings be placed when mounting? And when turning?

Here you can learn how to do some easy tricks for highline beginners. They are easier than standing up and will make you understand the dynamics of the highline. 

We hope that these tutorials were helpful for your first highline tries. In case that you are tempted to get into highline freestyle, then you should absolutely have a look at these amazing Highline Freestyle Lessons

Are you missing a certain tutorial? Then comment below and let us know what you want to learn in future 🙂

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