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Longlining Tutorials

longlining tutorials
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The next level – Longline is probably the most varied and most exciting (maybe except highlining) discipline of slacklining. Whether beginner or pro – here you will find longlining tutorials to expand your experience. Have fun on the narrow webbings!

Feedback on the videos or ideas for new tutorials are always welcome.

Basic Longlining Tutorials

How to Walk a Longline

On this video turorial we share tips for those starting their longlining path. Simple tricks that will definitively simplify the learning process.

Mount Longlining Tutorials

Chongo-Mount tutorial

Ok, you just rigged a longer line but it’s higher and can’t mount it just by stepping on it. That means it is time to learn the Chongo-Mount, a technique that will be very useful from now on. The first tries may seem a little scary but, with a few tips, you’ll get used to it quickly. This is probably one most important longlining tutorials.

Mantle Mount (Getting from below the line onto the top)

Even if you already conquered the chongo-mount, if the line it too high, if have to find a way to get in top of it. The good news, if you know how to use your wheigth, it is quite simple. Checkout how!


For those with more flexibility and strength in the legs, the sit-mount is a great option to stand up on the line.

Longlining to tutorials to ad a litle steeze to you sessions

Backbounce Mount on a Longline

In this type of mount you take advantage of the bounce the line, to stand up from a lying position. It may be a litle challenging at first but it is super fun.

How to Surf a Longline

To be able to experience on of the best feellings you can get from longlining, you need to push yourself, and the line, in to swings. Checkout some tips that will, for sure, help you start surfing longline.

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