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Slackline Tips & Tutorials for Beginners

slackline tips and tutorials for beginners
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Slackline tips & Tutorials for static tricks

This chapter of Slacktivity’s slackline tips and tutorials is dedicated to beginners with absolutely no experience but also to slackliners who want to learn some static tricks or gain better understanding about balance. 

We recommend to use a slackline with a width of 25-40mm. Wider slacklines are actually more difficult to walk on because you cannot feel the edge when walking barefoot. A great slackline to get started is the Allround or if you are more ambitious, then we recommend the Experience. 

Standing and Walking on a slackline

In this video you learn about the 10 most common mistakes beginners do on a slackline. And how to avoid them.

Slackline tips on how to assist a beginner

If the first steps on a slackline seem too challenging to you, you might like to have a helping hand from a second person. 

The Rookie-Rope

The Rookie Rope is a great tool specially for kids to learn slacklining. You simply need to have the option to rig a second line or rope 2m above your slackline. 

Standing on 1 or 2 feet?

Learn in this tutorial on which slackline it is better to stand on 1 and and which line it is better to stand on both feet. 

Physiological changes in the body

Slacklining has a positive effect on your posture and joint stability. Learn in this tutorial which physiological changes happen in your body when balancing on a slackline. 

Slackline to Tips to Stand in Exposure

Instead of always looking to the end of the slackline, you can also learn to turn by 90°. Definitely an important trick to get your slackline-journey started. 

Learn to do a Sit-Mount

If the slackline is slightly higher above the ground, you’ll need to find a technique to get up from sitting to feet. The sit-mount is one of the most stable mounts. 

Slackline Tips and Tutorial to Master the Chongo-Mount

The chongo-mount is a great alternative to the sit-mount. Just be aware that you should only learn it if you have solid and flexible knees. 

Walking blindfold on a slackline

Closing your eyes is a great training if you want to get ready for highlining and waterlining. But on which slackline is it easy and on which one is it more challenging?

Slackline Tips for tandem walking

Sometimes it is just more fun to slackline together… But how do you get started to walk as a team?

Lying on the back on a slackline

This one is actually easier than walking. Try a few times and you’ll succeed.  

Slackline-Yoga Tutorials & Tips

Learn some amazing Yoga poses. In these tutorials you find some easy but also some tough tricks to learn. 

Slackline tips to manage the inverted Knee-Drop Turn

This trick is slightly advanced but looks super cool. Learn how to do a 180°-turn and end up in a Knee-Drop position. 

Tutorial: Baby-Freeze on a slackline

This static trick is for all the breakdancers out there. Learn how to do a Baby-Freeze on a slackline!

Tutorial: Handstand on a slackline

Alright, this one is tough. But if you want to achive something really rewarding then you should learn the handstand on a slackline!

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