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Longline World Record beaten by Samuel Volery

longline world record

Some months ago we started developing a new line and the idea was to have a webbing on which we’d be able to walk at least 1% of a marathon and set a new longline world record. Besides that, the goal was to have a line with:

  • soft & rounded edges, so it feels nice under the feet
  • rather low stretch, so it’s easy to rig on big distances
  • 3-layer-construction to have the outer fibres under less tension than the inner ones.

First Day attempting to set e new longline world record

After we got our first big piece of the final version of the webbing I went to rig a 440m-line with Guido (who might be the most experience longline-rigger) above farmers land in Lausanne. After the first steps I knew that points 1-3 where fulfilled. Just the last point could not really be tested as wind was blowing sideways, moving the line by 1m from time to time.

This first day I moved 170m in my best try and also Guido got over 100m done. Because of the big difference in our weight we had to change tension. 9kN for me, 12kN for Guido. A funny thing was also when I was sitting on the line in the middle and Guido handed me a bottle of water, the line was going down by some centimeters.

Second Day

The next day I came back alone. It was 26°C and the whole line was in the sun, so I intended to rest for an hour before trying. But then I saw “Slack Gicien” and talking to him motivated me to give it a try. During my first few steps also Guido arrived. Having been far away from sending the line the previous day, my goal was, to walk to the middle this time.

When being on the line I always count my steps and after 522 steps I knew I already got further than the previous day. I did have my fights with the line on my first 1000 steps but I could always fight to the limit without danger, as the line was never more than 2m from the ground. But now it got slowly higher and higher. And I knew that especially the last 30m where no-fall-zone as it was 3m high above the extremely uneven ground and branches in the woods.

Being confident in my catching skills I tried to ignore the height when entering the woods and after throwing my sunglasses onto the ground my sight got better, increasing my confidence. 1337 steps, sitting down controllably 4m from the tree (20cm from the pulley-system) and the line was sent. New longline world record on polyester! And the proof that 1% of a marathon can be walked on Marathon webbing

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