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Slackline Contests

Swiss Slackline Championship

Swiss Slackline Championship

20 athletes from around the country have shown spectacular tricks in front of 300 spectators and made the Swiss Slackline Championship audience enthusiastic! Winners of the first Swiss Slackline Championships in Zurich were after exciting finals Samuel Volery from Uster and Alexandra Oswald from Zurich .

The First Swiss Slackline Championship

The first Swiss Championship, which were held this weekend in Zurich, shows that slacklining has reached a professional level. The athletes showed in the discipline Trickline / Jump Line on a 20 meter long slackline spectacular jumps, salto’s but also static figures, like balancing only on a hand or shoulder on the line. The difficulty and variety of the performance was evaluated.

Variation of the sport

This year’s winner of the Swiss Slackline Championship, Samuel Volery, is particularly fascinated by the many variations of the sport: “If I do not feel like to jump, I set up a slackline in excess of 100 meters in length  to balance it. This is extremely meditative. and when I search the thrill , then I go to the highline. The feeling in over 100 meters in height to balance on a narrow band is just awesome and incredible! “

Swiss Slackline Championship Ranking Table


  1. Samuel Volery, Uster ZH, Sponsor:Slacktivity
  2. Antoine Jacquat, Bulle FR
  3. Rémy Boser, St. Maurice VS
  4. Robin Jacquat, Bulle FR
  5. Samuel Metzger, Luzern, Sponsor:Slacktivity
  6. Luan Gäumann, Mont-Crosin BE, Sponsor:Slacktivity
  7. Jonas Käppeli, Kriens LU
  8. Pascal Graf, Kriens LU
  9. Timon Heinis, Basel
  10. Reto Rabensteiner, Schleinikon ZH
  11. Diego Bettinaglio, Meilen ZH
  12. Alexis Gonin, Biel BE
  13. Elias Carl, Meilen ZH
  14. Dimitri Brooks, Aigle VD
  15. Marc Ketterlin, Allschwil BL
  16. Balthasar Müller, Aarau


  1. Alexandra Oswald, Zürich
  2. Jeannine Hari, Birsfelden BL
  3. Silvia Mathis, Zürich
  4. Angelica Garcia Dupont, Lausanne VD

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