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Urban Highline Festival in Lublin | 2017

urban highline festival in lublin

This year Slacktivity will be at the Urban Highline Festival in Lublin, Poland. The UHF is taking place between 25th of July and the 30th of July. 

Urban Highline Festival in Lublin, with workshops and DJ-set

The first two days during UHF, there are no highlines yet. We will be teaching some skill workshops for high- and slackliners. We will be teaching beginner highline skills, advanced surfing (by Sebastian Segraves) and beginner rigging workshops.

There will be two highlines at the UHF with Slacktivity webbing. Both the 18 and the 26 meter will be rigged on RedTube.

Jonas Konijnenberg will bring you a DJ-set of his flow vinyl collection of Hip-hop and Drumm and Bass. “During a highline session I love to listen to music. Flow-feeling, repetetive beats bring me closer to this state of mind where I just do what I feel. This state of mind helps me to stay in this focus-bubble for a nice highline cruise. DJing with vinyl even brings me this same state of highline mind! A flow where I could just continiue going on and keep staying excited to do so. I will be playing some of the beats which I really enjoyed in the past few years of highlining.”

Free shipping on orders

We are happy to bring you your HangOvers, webbing, weblocks and other Slacktivity gear for free to the UHF. The best way to make sure your gear gets there is to order online on one of our webshops before the 19th of July.

In order to get free shipping, use at your check-out: “Lublin2017” as a dicount code. Please use LUBLIN UHF PICK-UP as your shipping name. In order for us to understand that you are willing to pick it up!

In case you got questions, email us on: [email protected] !

Hope to see you in the Urban Highline Festival in Lublin!!!

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